If you desire a shinny and healthy hair which you can style they way you want you should stop following all the recommendations and ads since you may be disappointed later.

We offer you a solution how to avoid the mistakes you usually do and make your hair look perfect by following these steps:

• If you dry your hair with a towel it may cause fizziness and damage. Another way to dry it is by blotting or using a T-shirt.

• You must not use great quantity of a conditioner or a shampoo since it may damage your hair.

• Never scrub your hair since it may cause hair loss. Be milder and your hair will look healthier.

• When you are in a hurry you may not wash your hair properly. Pay attention to the root and apply the conditioner on the strands towards the tips. It will moisturize your hair.

• Shampoos are supposed to make your hair softer. However they contain chemicals which damage and ruin the hair leading towards a hair loss. By using water only your hair will be healthier.

• Rinsing your hair is not really recommendable. However if you do it pretty often the hair will lose its moisture, so rinse it only when the need is very high.

• We all enjoy hot shower especially after a very tough day at work. It sounds cool but actually it is another way to damage the hair. Instead of hot water use lukewarm water only.

• Many people apply a conditioner and wash it off immediately, instead you should let it settle a bit on your hair, detangle hair strands and your hair will become smoother than ever.

• Never apply the conditioner after washing the hair, since it may not affect it in the right way.

• You should wash your hair with cold water and you will be amazed by the results.