When there is some problem in the body, the body sends signs to indicate the problem. You must not ignore the following signs:

The white part of your eye

The white part of the eyes must remain white. You should be concerned if it becomes red. The redness can be caused by a viral infection or it can be a reaction to stress or an allergy.

Gray hairs before the age of 35

White hairs can be a sign of a genetic problem, many stressful years or diabetes.

Having too many moles

Even though some moles are harmless, some can be a sign of skin cancer.

Dry lips

Even though dryness of the lips can appear due to body temperature changes, it can also be a sign of fungal infection and lack of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B.

Swollen neck

A swollen neck usually appears among women above 30. It can be a result of sore throat or an infection, but it can also indicate certain changes in the thyroid gland.