It is very unfortunate that a lot of people have this dangerous disease! This means that all people have to be very careful and that is why it is very important to pay attention to all these warning symptoms and signs. The worst thing is that a lot of people mostly ignore all these symptoms!

That is why it is important to diagnose this condition in the early stage and you should get a proper medical treatment. Cancer has more than 200 types and some of them are prostate, lung, ovarian, breast, colorectal, ovarian, bladder, pancreatic, kidney (renal), endometrial and pancreatic cancers just like leukemia and melanoma.

The rate of survival for most of all these cancers, mostly lung cancer, is usually quite poor since they are not diagnosed on time and they’ve got to their advanced stage, which makes it harder to treat.

That is why you have to be very careful and you should not ignore these signs:

1. Frequent infections and fevers

All experts claim that a fever can simply mean that the body fights against an infection! However, if there is prolonged or a constant infection it can mean that there is certain cancerous condition, including lymphoma. Leukemia, which is a blood cells cancer and they can cause other symptoms including fevers, frequent infections, aches, fatigue and different flu-like symptoms.

2. Irregular Bleeding

You need to know that when you hit menopause (which is defined like going one year without a period), certain postmenopausal bleeding can be a warning sign. If you bleed, have stains, or have small drops on the underwear or even big clots which are abnormal they should be investigated immediately.

3. Rectal Bleeding

A lot of people will be shocked when they know that colon cancer is actually the 3rd most common cancer among women. Some of the signs are rectal bleeding, that a lot of people relate to hemorrhoids, like the most common cause. Dark or red blood in the stool means that you should visit a doctor.

4. Bloating

Ovarian cancer is the number 1 killer among the reproductive-organ cancers? They are the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer: feeling of getting full, bloating, different bladder or bowel habits, including frequent urination, pain in the low back or in the pelvis.

5. Unexplained Weight Loss or Weight Gain

You have to know that you should not be worried if you lose or put on 5 pounds. However, if you gain excess weight from month to month — mostly if you have a normal weight and have healthy eating habits — can be because a fluid buildup in the stomach can be related to ovarian cancer and that is why you should go and visit a doctor. The American Cancer Society claims that they can be related with stomach, pancreatic, lung or esophagus cancer.

6. Persistent Cough

Constant cough, which lasts more than 14 or 20 days and if is not because of infection of the upper respiratory infection or an allergy, or if you have blood you have to go and visit a doctor. If smoking is the reason for the cough or because of secondhand smoke, you should check that out, since smoking is main reason for death among women. The worst part is that you cannot be a smoker to get it and the most cases of lung cancers which nonsmokers get also happen in women.

7. Fatigue

It can be caused because of an extreme tiredness which does not improve with rest. This means that if you often feel fatigue. Colon, leukemia or stomach cancer — that can cause a loss of blood can end in fatigue, which can be a severe problem and it is not pretty easy to ignore.

8. Skin Changes

Keep an eye and be careful if you have certain skin changes on the body and visit your doctor immediately. Mouth sores which don’t heal — mostly if you drink alcohol or smoke— can be signs of oral cancer and your doctor should check.