After she shared her experience for using warm lemon water, Crystal Davis is now a real hit in the online world.
This woman was looking for an efficient natural way for improving her health and boosting her life and that is why she included one simple habit in her everyday routine.

She started using one glass of water with honey and lemon each morning before breakfast. The experiment lasted for a year, and the effects are amazing.

These are her words:

“Until a couple of years ago, I only bought honey and lemon drinks in the pharmacies and that happened only when I had the flu. It is normal that they helped me, but I have to admit that I was very skeptical when I started this challenge.

It is very different to drink homemade lemon juice, but it is healthier and effective than those in the pharmacies.”
She adds:

“That why my decision was to drink hot lemon water with honey for a year, each morning before my breakfast. I was thinking if this drink may do wonders to my body like everyone said.

At the moment I can say that I am very satisfied. I do not drink cold for 12 months. I have not had the stomach flu or other disease, but in some cases I was feeling that I could catch something and that did not happen. Actually, I was so happy by this drink and that is why I began and took it everywhere with me.

In the past, I woke up maybe an hour after waking up and now I am very pleased. I usually use half a lemon and one teaspoon of honey in a normal cup. First I boil the water and I add the honey and lemon once it is cooled down.

In some cases the lemon juice may be less or more acidic, and that is why you can add more honey for improving the taste.

You can also use less lemon at the beginning.

We present you few more health benefits of this drink:

– Improved digestion

Honey is a powerful antibacterial that can fight against bacteria and prevent infections. It can stimulate mucus production in the stomach and it can cleanse the body from different accumulated waste and toxins.

On the contrary, lemon can help you to absorb different nutrients in the body, as it stimulates production of bile in the liver, and it can help you to break down the food better.

– Prevents infections

It can help you to improve the colon function, prevent digestion problems and helps digestion. It will act like a potent natural diuretic, get rid of toxins and clean the urinary tract.

– Improves skin quality

Lemon can clean the blood, helps in the production process of new red blood cells, and it also enhances the skin look. Drinking this drink it can support the collagen production in the skin and it will provide it with elasticity.

That is why lemon water is going to give you different health benefits and if you drink it rejuvenate your body and improve your health and look.