The Center for Disease, Control and Prevention issued a warning about the latest health problem scare, the insect Triatomine, also known as the kissing bug. As CDC claims, this bug can kill people.

Its name may seemsfriendly but it can transmit the parasite known as Trupanosoma cruzi. This parasite is deadly when it goes in our body. It can lead to Chagas and it affects the lives of eight million people around.

Chagas disease causes awful heart problems and can even lead to death. The signs can’t be seen or felt initially, but two months after the bug goes into your body. The symptoms are fever, enlarged lymph glands, headaches, muscle pain, difficulty breathing. Its symptoms are similar to the flu and can’t be seen at first.

But, once this happens, the individual will also have skin lesions and swelling of the eyelids.

Ten percent of the people with this problem also suffered from bad digestion and 30% of them had heart problems.

There isn’t an immunization for it but early treatment is 100% efficient as well.

So, keep this in mind, keep your family safe and spray around your house for hygiene.

If the host rubs the bite, the risk of illness is greater and spreads more because the bugs have feces in their bites and the feces can be deadly.

In the North, the only US states at risk are New York state and New England.

Beware of these places in your home:

–  Stony areas
– Chicken coops
– Dog cages
– Rocks near your house


– Seal all cracks around the windows, on the walls and doors.
– Remove the stone and wood piles
– Avoid puddles
– Keep your house clean
– Don’t place yard lights close to your home
– Call the Health Department if you notice this bug