This tree, also known as Moringa, is called a miracle tree, because it is significantly rich in fat, Vitamin C, iron, proteins, carotenoids, potassium and several other nutrients.

Both as a nutritional supplements and manufacturer product in cosmetics, oils and perfumes are used not only its leaves, but also its flowers, roots, and the bark of the tree.

Even though it is nutritionally beneficial, it also has beneficial medicinal effects.

The chemical compounds of Moringa have effective biochemical activities, like building up the immune system, combating atherosclerosis and heart diseases, and also have antioxidant and antibacterial, antiviral and tumor-preventing effects.

Here are some of the beneficial effects that Moring may have on your health:

1. Moringa contains fiber and it mainly functions as a mop in the intestines, as well as cleans the excessive waste which has remained from a greasy diet.

2. Moringa has amazing antibiotics and is very efficient in eliminating the bacteria, which causes ulcers, gastritis, or gastric cancer.

3. The seed of Moringa is used to clean the water, and is more effective than most traditional synthetic materials used today.

4. Morenga leaves are rich in Vitamins, necessary amino acids, minerals and a great number of ingredients. Namely, 100 grams of dry moringa leaf conatins:

• 10x more Vitamin A than carrots.
• 9x   more proteins than yoghurt.
• 15x more potassium than bananas.
• 17x more calcium than milk
• 12x more Vitamin c than oranges.
• 25x more iron than spinach.

5. Morenga leaves contain chlorogenic acid, which prevents the absorption of sugar into the blood cells.

6. Moringa has beneficial effects against tumor and cancer, which is based on the presence of the compound niaziminin.

7. Moringa also helps in the regulation of the thyroid function, especially with the hyper-active thyroid.

Concerning all these beneficial effects of the Moringa tree, it has to be present in your home.