If you heat your home with wood, don’t throw away this natural product of the combustion. Wood ash can be used in many different and useful ways.

Agriculturists know how amazing wood ash is for the soil as a fertilizer. It is especially useful for plants that love calcium, such as tomatoes, roses, spinach and white garlic. Add ¼ cup of wood ash in the soil before planting these plants.

You can also mix wood ash and water, leave it to rest for a few days and then strain it. You can use this to cleanse clothes, furniture, floors, silver, etc. Preparing a soap from this mixture can be useful for those with oily hair.

Wood ash can also eliminate the unpleasant odor from the fridge or your home.

Some insects and snails cannot stand wood ash, so you can get rid of them easily with this natural by-product. The same happens with ants. Just put some ash on their home and they will be gone. Put some wood ash in the corners of your basement to keep mice and cockroaches away.

Mix vinegar and wood ash to cleanse your pet from fleas. However, you have to wash your pet after this treatment.