The restless leg cramps and leg syndrome are conditions which happen throughout the night and they can cause problems with falling asleep, frustration and pain.

Restless leg syndrome is a neurological disorder that can cause unpleasant feelings in your legs while sleeping and discomfort as well. It is still unknown what causes it.

However, there are certain cases that have been related to it, such as pregnancy, medication use, kidney failure, alcohol consumption and diabetes.

On the opposite, nightly leg cramps also known as Charley horses, happen when a person wants to fall asleep. When this happens, moving the leg is not going to soothe the pain, but the pain will be increased. In a lot of cases, leg cramps are because of lack of minerals and vitamins, dehydration and excessive exercise.

Al of these conditions can be eliminated or decreased in few ways, including a proper diet, drinking a lot of water, warm showers or baths and massages. However, we will suggest you one method that is going to be extremely effective.

Place a soap bar under your sheet!

Yes, that is correct! It is a strange trick that more than 42% have tried and all of them had problems with restless leg syndrome or leg cramps and they all say it is amazing!

Doctors are not able to identify the reason for the effects. However, a lot of doctors think that the magnesium content in the soap is the main reason for all positive results, because lack of magnesium is the main cause for these conditions.

Dr. Oz, says that you should use and try lavender soap, because its scent is going to relax your muscles.

You can get explanation b this woman in the video below.