Adrenal fatigue is used to describe the adrenal glands, which usually suffer as a result of anxiety or a busy schedule. If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, you feel very tired and overworked most of the time.

Namely, the adrenal fatigue is not a diagnose that you can get from your doctor, but if you notice some of the signs mentioned below, which are thought to be the warning signs of the body, you should change your everyday routines and activities immediately.

When the 4th phase of the adrenal fatigue is passed, then comes the adrenal insufficiency, which is a diagnose that you can get from your doctor.

Be careful of the body signs, try to sooth anxiety and change your unhealthy lifestyle immediately, before it becomes much more serious.

Many people have taxed the adrenal, so when we are under stress, the cortisol level increases, whereas other systems in the human body become very weak.

Here are 9 signs that indicate adrenal fatigue:

How to find out if we suffer from adrenal fatigue? And what we should do about adrenal fatigue? Here are given 9 signs of adrenal fatigue, and some tips to overcome it easily, as well:

1. You are overwhelmed from your life

Most of us, first think about the others, and do not take care of themselves, until it is late. It is considered that it is easiest to say yes, rather than no, but work and anxiety can make you feel burned out. However, if we want to be successful, we should take care of ourselves.

Only in this way, we will eliminate stress and feel better. We all know that stress is not good for anyone. So, you should put off some of your less important commitments and take more care of yourself. You must know that you need more time for yourself. The body and the adrenal will be very thankful if you put off some of your everyday routines. If you have noticed more of the mentioned signs of adrenal fatigue, then your routines are not good for your body.

2. You cannot sleep well

All of us should sleep regularly from 8 – 10 hours at night. The body needs times to recover and to recharge for the following day. Every morning, we should get up refreshed and full of energy. Nevertheless, many people replace sleeping hours with working, and in this way their life gets imbalanced and it is much harder for them to fall asleep. In order to improve the life rhythm, you should change the everyday routines.

Go to bed by 10:30 p.m., even though you cannot fall asleep, because when you are in dark, the body releases melatonin, a sleeping hormone. If you feel stressed before going to bed, you can try guided meditation, like the HeadSpace App., or even to have a hot bath, like AlkaBath in order to cam down.

3. You feel tired after finishing work

You will be more energetic if you do exercises regularly. In this way, you will not be tired and exhausted.
Physical stress, which is considered as a stressor for the adrenal glands, means that doing a lot of exercises can have a negative effect – even it can have a side effect on the adrenals as a result of the additional stress.

If you work constantly, but you do not achieve your goals, if you struggle with belly fat and feel exhausted after work, you should take up some execises, such as doing yoga, walking ot stretching. This will make you feel better. If you want to lose weight, you will get better results for 80 % if you have right nutrition, rather than doing regular exercise.

4. Your hormones are wacky

In the 2nd phase of the adrenal fatigue, the thyroid gland can be affected, and symptoms of the hypothyroid can be noticed, such as poor circulation, gain of weight, fatigue, dry skin or hair, etc. If the adrenals are not in accordance with the stress levels, the hormone precursor will produce more cortisol, which can lead to imbalance of the hormones.

If you are under stress for a long time, the menstrual cycle may be put off, and the symptoms of PMS may increase. However, the symptoms related to the hormonal imbalance are not very pleasant. What is really important is the proper sleep, reductuon of caffeine, sufficient intake of water, a nourishing diet and herbs, as well.

5. You feel depressed and anxiuos

When you work constantly, you get anxious. To add, the fixed deadlines and the busy schedule can increase the adrenaline levels. The adrenal hormones take part in the mental state, mood and the cognitive function. Namely, depression and anxiety are closely linked to stress, so we are all easily frustrated, and we are intolerant. To sum up, you should take more time for yourself. The health and the well-being are much more important than going to work or cleaning a kitchen.

6. You constantly crave for salty snacks

When you are under stress, or when the adrenal fatigue affects the balance of the hormones, you usually crave for salty snacks. The main reason why the body craves for salt is that it needs sodium and other minerals. When there is a lowered production od aldosterone, a salt-retaining hormone, it can cause heart paltipitations, cravings for salt, dizziness, blood pressure and so on.

What is really important is to make sure that you have sufficient intake of minerals per day. You can manage this by using a Himalayan pink salt in your meals, together with seaweeds, like kelp, nori and dulse, or add mineral drops in filtered water.

7. You feel sore and stiff

When the body is under stress, the signs of feeling stiff and sore may indicate that the body needs a recharge. To add, you may experience pain in the back, the neck or the jaw. In order to eliminate this pain, it would be better for you to do yoga or stretching and to optimize the sleep hours, as well.

A warm bath, such as AlkaBath, is benficial for reducing stress due ti its anti-inflammatory properties, or the natural magnesium relieves the body muscles and detoxifies the body due to the crystal blend.

8. Consuming caffeine to get you through the day

It is high time to discover why caffeine is beneficial for someone, and for others not. What is important to know is that the consumption of caffeine does not provide energy, but you borrow it. Namely, caffeine is beneficial for the brain to help you to get through the day.

However, at the same time, it lowers the adrenal glands, because caffeine keeps the body under stress, and produces more stress hormones, such as epinephrine and cortisol.

What is really important is the dependence of caffeine drinkers (the one who do not talk to the others before having had their coffee). Usually, mornings can be difficult when people suffer from adrenal fatigue. However, the caffeine drinkers should know that a cup of coffee can make them more tired than they were before they got up.
For a recharge, it would be better to take herbal tea or a coffee substitute, like mint, dandelion root or holy basil.

9. You have bad digestion

When the body is under stress, it is not completely focused on digestion or on absorbtion of the nutrients from the healthy diet. It means that the body reacts to stress. When you experience adrenal fatigue, the metabolism and digestion do not function properly, which leads to bloated stomach, or even gain of weight, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

If you are eating healthy, but you are under stress, the body does not take up the nutrients from the healthy meals. In order to improve digestion, except recharge supplementation and a nourishing diet, you can drink lemon water, get sufficient minerals, drink water, take a probiotic per day, and so on.