Skin tags represent delicate, tiny growths that appear on some awkward places on the skin. Usually, they can appear on places when the skin rubs from friction, like on the neck, around the eyes or the breasts, behind the legs, in the armpits or even in the groin area.

Many people experience at least one skin tag in their life. However, they do not represent a serious health issue, even though they can be unpleasant, disgusting or even frightening if you do not know anything about them.

Moreover, skin tags are closely linked to obesity, but it is not the only reason for the formation of tags. Also, skin tags may appear as a result of tight, rubbing clothing. Pregnant women are likely to experience skin tags, as well.

The most frequent methods for eliminating skin tags cutting the tags off or freezing them. A dermatologist is the one who professionally performs the removal of the skin tags. Nevertheless, there is an easier way to eliminate skin tags at your home. If you want to remove the skin tags from your skin, all you have to do is to apply apple cedar vinegar on the tag 2 – 3 times per day for one week or more.

Moreover, you can apply apple cedar vinegar on a cotton ball and fix it on the tag with a bandage. The skin tags change color, eventually get dark and fall off. If you decide to try this method, you should first do an irritation test.