A great number of people usually spend the day before their computers, which represents a serious health hazard. Namely, it may cause damages of the heart and the spine, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels, increased blood flow, and even cancer.

Based on the statistics, nearly 80 % of the Americans spend their time on the Internet, and over 90 % of the households have got a computer. According the experts, the number of people, who use Internet every day, is increasing by 10 % a year.

They also claim that nearly 40 % of the people suffer from back pain, which is caused by bad and long sitting in front of the computers. A great number of people do jobs, which require at least 8 hours of work in front of a computer. Children should avoid sitting in front of a computer for a long time, as it may lead to serious problems, like damaged spine, scoliosis or kyphosis. Like kids, they began playing computer games, which has side effects on their development.

According to the researches, sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours a day leads to a serious damage of the spine, joint and the back.

A Damage of the organs:

• Heart disease

When we sit for a long time, the blood flow becomes more difficult and the muscles burn less fat. As a result of that, the fats dog the heart. The long sitting is related to increased cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and people, who suffer from sedentary time, may experience cardiovascular diseases more than twice than those who do not.

• Over-productive pancreas

The pancreas releases the hormone insulin, which supplies the cells with glucose for energy. However, the cells of the idle muscles do not act in the same way as the others, which leads to increased production of insulin in the pancreas, which may cause diabetes or other heath diseases.

• Colon cancer

According to the studies, the prolonged sitting is related to colon cancer, endometrial, and breast cancer. The cause is still not known, but it is supposed that the increased production of insulin enhances the growth of cancer cells. The other reason is that movement stimulates the antioxidant to eliminate the cancer cells or the free radicals.

Degeneration of muscles

• Mushy ABS

When we sit in a straight position or when we stand, the abdominal muscles keep our body right. However, it does not happen when we sit.

Damaged top

• Foggy brain

When we move, the muscles supply the brain with oxygen and blood and release chemicals that are good for the normal functioning of the brain. However, we sit for a long time all functions become slower, including the brain function.

• Strained neck

If we sit for a long time at a desk, or if we put our neck forward when we type, the cervical vertebrae may be permanently damaged.

• Sore back and shoulders

If we sit slump forward, the back and shoulder muscles extend, especially the trapezius that connects the shoulders and the back.

Bad back

• Inflexible spine

While we are moving, the soft disks of the cervical vertebrae expand and fill with nutrients and blood. However, while we are sitting, they are squashed, which causes the collagen to harden in order to support ligaments and tendons.

Therefore, it is recommended that children under 12 should not sit in front of the computer more than 2 hours a day. In addition, when you have spine or muscle pain, stand up and stretch. In this other additional complications will be prevented.