If the levels of acid in your body fluids are too high your body is acidic and has to be alkalized. Body alkalinity is the ability of your body fluids such as blood, urine and saliva to neutralize the harmful acids.

Body fluids enable the body to function normally, they improve the digestive processes and the transportation of nutrients and oxygen towards the cells.

In order to prevent the harmful effects the acids may leave on your body, they have to be kept at a specific level.
The body fluids contain hydrogen-ions which are measured by the “potential hydrogen” known as pH. Its scale may vary from 0 -14. If the pH levels in your body fluids are higher it signifies that they are alkaline and they are provided with more oxygen.

On the other hand if the body fluids have low levels of pH, it implies more acids and less oxygen. The neutral or normal pH level is around 7.0.

Optimal levels of pH in the body fluids:

• Blood pH: 7.35-7.45
• Saliva pH: 7.0-7.5
• Urine pH: 4.6-8.0

If some of those levels are lower than the optimal it means the body is more acidic. Most of the people do not check their body pH levels due to the lack of information and knowledge regarding the acidity.

In the following text you can find the most common symptoms of the body acidity and some tips to keep the alkaline balance too:

1. Gaining weight

When the body is not alkalized it is not able to eliminate the waste products which are trapped in the organism. This leads to creation of excess waste and production of acidity. The organs which are responsible for eliminating toxins such as skin, kidneys, colon and lymph are overburdened and are not able to eliminate the accumulated acid from the body.

Consequently, the acidity becomes attached to the body fat cells and adds to gaining weight more than before.

2. Weak bones

The organism will make all efforts to keep the alkalinity but if the acidity level is too high the organism withdraws the important minerals from the tissues and organs in order to keep the body active. This leads towards fragility of the bones structure. Calcium is one of the minerals which are withdrawn from the bones. Consequently, osteoporosis and osteopenia appear. If you already have these health issues your body is probably acidic.

3. Dental issues

Teeth are also bones, therefore the very same problems apply to the teeth too. The withdrawal of calcium from the teeth due to high acidity levels cause various dental problems and deficiency of minerals.

The International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications did a study in 2015 where it was shown that the low dental pH levels make the teeth enamel demineralized.

The teeth become more vulnerable and subjected to the bacteria that develop in the mouth cavity as a result of consuming sweet drinks and food. It will ultimately increase the lactic acid production in the mouth. This makes the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold drinks and foods. Also bleeding gums is another symptom of this condition.

4. Fatigue

Another sign that the body acidity level is high is being prone to fungi, bacteria and viruses. They need acidic environment to develop. That is why they accumulate in the digestive tract, the gums and other organs and tissues.

Consequently, the immune system weakens and the body is exhausted. In order to compensate for the lost energy the body uses some essential nutrients. This causes hormone and enzyme irregularities which lead to fatigue.

5. Skin problems

The accumulated toxins in the organism harm the skin as well. The blood circulation is being damaged and the skin cannot eliminate the toxins through the process of sweating. Diseases which appear as a result of this are acne, rashes, allergies and eczema.

6. Accumulation of mucus

Toxins are usually eliminated through the nasal mucus too. However, when the body acidity is high the mucus is stuck inside the body and it cannot be eliminated through the nasal passage.

This problem has to be medically treated since otherwise the mucus will overflow the lungs thus causing an obstruction and breathing difficulties. As a result many respiratory issues appear such as wheezing, coughing, sinus problems and chest pain.

7. Pain in the Muscles

High body acidity is also responsible for constricted muscles. It is due to the inability for a normal oxygen transfer throughout the blood vessels. Consequently, the oxygen cannot reach the muscles and they suffer from soreness and pain.

8. Insomnia

Exhaustion, tiredness and insomnia signify high acidity. The body lacks calcium and symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion appear.

How to cope with this problem:

We are going to present you several ways which can help you to prevent the body acidity.

Hydrate your body regularly. The best way to avoid acidity is to drink a lot of healthy drinks. They stimulate the digestive system and prevent diseases.

Lemon: Although lemon has acidic flavor it actually alkalizes the body. In fact, it may be the best remedy for balancing your body pH levels.

Green and Leafy Vegetables: In order to get rid of the acidity you have to consume spinach, cucumber, kale, green peppers, broccoli, arugula, chard, collards, artichokes, zucchini, green asparagus, lettuce and celery. These vegetables will fix your acidity issues. You can also blend them and consume vegetable juices which are extremely beneficial for your health.

You should eliminate the products that are highly acidic such as caffeine, alcohol, junk food, soft drinks, processed meat, processed and artificial sugar and etc.

Magnesium and Calcium: make sure your intake of magnesium and calcium is higher in order to keep the strength of your bones and muscles. These two minerals will also improve the function of your heart and nervous system and keep your teeth healthy. They alkalize the body too.

Dark, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, grain cereals and seafood are the best source of calcium. However, your doctor can prescribe you magnesium and calcium supplements as well.

Organic food: Make sure you eliminate the consumption of the genetically modified food. Its high levels of chemicals and toxins make your body more acidic than the other kinds of unhealthy food do.