Sciatica is a medical term used to describe signs of the pain felt in the legs, or even numbness, weakness or tingling) that starts from the bottom of the back and goes through the buttocks and the large sciatic nerve in the legs. Namely, sciatica is a sign of a medical state that cannot be diagnosed by itself. It is usually used with medications, which have got short-term effects.

The article is going to show you how to prepare a remedy that will make you sciatica or back pain to disappear immediately.


– You will need:

• 4 garlic cloves
• 200 ml milk

– Preparation method:

Firstly, crush 4 garlic cloves. After that, add 200 ml of milk, while it is cooking on very low heat. Cook it for a few minutes and then, remove it, before it begins to boil. Take this home-made remedy once a day. It is used for prevention of the pain in the back and swelling of the back sciatic nerve, due to its anti-inflammatory abilities of the garlic. For flavor or even to neutralize the taste of the garlic, if you like, you can also add honey.

These are the symptoms of sciatica or back pain:

• Steady pain in the buttocks.
• Steady pain in the leg or the cheek, usually in both places.
• The pain gets even worse while you are sitting.
• Tinkling in the leg, instead of dull pain.
• Numbness, weakness or difficulty in moving the legs or the feet.
• Hard pain that makes walking or sitting very difficult.
• Pain that usually begins on one side of the hip, and that gradually increases.

– Some advice:

You can use this recipe together with exercises in order to prevent the pain of the sciatic nerve. However, you do not have to do exercises for a long time. Do exercises for about 60 seconds per day and it will completely eliminate the pain of the sciatic nerve.