Swollen feet, also called edema or retention of fluids in the body, result in pain and may be caused by these conditions:

• Poor circulation
• pregnancy
• Excess consumption of processed or salty foods
• Side effects from some drugs
• Sedentary lifestyle

Sometimes, during pregnancy or when if stand for prolonged periods of time, it’s normal to have swollen feet. But, if your feet swell often, this can be a sign of serious issues like liver disease, kidney disease and heart issues. Thus, if your swelling doesn’t reduce after some time, consult a doctor.

Among the most efficient natural remedies in these cases is parsley, which Hippocrates used to use it himself. Numerous studies suggest that parsley can prevent numerous diseases like asthma, menstrual cramps, allergies, urinary tract issues, digestive disorders, and can be very beneficial since it can treat bronchitis, improves the breathing, lowers the blood pressure and maintains healthy bones.

Hippocrates advised using it like a general tonic in cases of kidney stones, rheumatism and even as poison antidote. “The Herbal Handbook” claims that parsley is an excellent and efficient diuretic that helps the kidneys eliminate excess fluid from the body.

Parsley is an excellent natural diuretic

One study from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology stated that parsley can act as a diuretic through the inhibition of potassium and sodium ions that influence the osmosis and raises the urine flow. Furthermore, parsley is high in potassium. And since numerous chemical diuretics reduce the potassium levels, using parsley will help you avoid these negative side effects.

One Brazilian study conducted in 2009 confirmed that this amazing plant can increase the urinary flow and at the same time lower the blood pressure. Doctor John Christopher, a well-known herbalist in the USA suggests that we should drink 2 liters of parsley tea every day to obtain the best results for the treatment of edemas.

If it’s necessary, you can increase this amount. Furthermore, when you prepare the parsley tea, make sure to use fresh parsley leaves, along with the roots and seeds.

How to make parsley tea

Chop the parsley leaves and roots. Put about ¼ cup of parsley in one cup of boiling water and leave it to soak for 6 minutes and then strain it. Finally, add ginger, honey or lemon to enrich its taste. For best results, consume the tea while it’s warm.

Apart from drinking tea, work out with the feet to trigger the circulation fluids, and when you lie down, lift the legs up, on a couple of pillows so they will be above your heart.