It is also healthy and it can give you a lot of important benefits. The Himalayan salt lamps can help you to sleep better, clear the mind and filtrate the air in the room. However, because they are so healthy, in some cases they can be fake and a lot of people try to make a business out of it.

We present you 5 signs that can help you to discover if the Himalayan lamp is fake:

1 – It’s very cheap and white

White Himalayan salt lamps have to cost more than more than the expected, because the white Himalayan salt is very hard to find. This means if the lamp is original it will cost more than $50.

If you do can find a lamp like this, you will aid in the process of detoxification and healing as well.

2 – It’s Very heavy, and it does not emit Light

If you have original Himalayan salt, it will weigh more than 20 pounds, and that is very important.

The Himalayan lamp has to light the entire room, and if this is right you are on the right track.

3 – It is Indestructible

They are very fragile and if the lamp is looks resistant, there is a big possibility that is fake.

4 – It is good With Moisture

The producers of Himalayan salt say that they should be kept in a dry and cool area. If the salt receives moisture, it will shrink.

You should make a test, and expose the lamp on a damp towel and gently rub it. If you see that there is change in the color and it begins to drop, it is maybe real and you should get rid of it.

5 – There are no Changes

The lamp is healthy, but it cannot do wonders. However, if you the lamp you have is red, in a few weeks you will see a lot of improvements, including:

• Less asthma symptoms or allergy symptoms
• Increased energy
• Improved sleeping habits
• Decreased signs of depression
• Reduced stress levels

The people who collect Himalayan salt are happy and healthy people. You have to purchase a lamp of this sort and boost the overall heath and mood.

Be careful and do not buy a fake one, because it may contain dangerous compounds aside from the salt, including toxins.