A lot of things can have influence over the look of your skin, mostly the skin on face, which can make it darker and some of them are hormones, sun, bad habits and pollution.

Clean your skin with oats and lemons after one week

The oatmeal is amazing for cleansing. It can get out dirt and it will clean your pores.

Lemons are amazing for skin brightening and for removing age spots, freckles and face fat as well. In some cases lemon may even shrink the pores. It is also known as antioxidant and contains a lot of vitamin C and it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It produces more collagen as well.

If you combine these 2 ingredients you can get amazing results.

You will need:

– Ground oats
– Lemon juice of one big lemon


Combine the oats and the lemon juice in order to get a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture on clean face and 20 minutes later wash your face using water.