All people have experienced a respiratory problem at least once in their lives such as asthma, cold, allergic reaction or runny nose.

Most people decide to treat these problems medically but they are not aware of the many disadvantages the medicines have. They contain chemicals which have a lot of side effects. However, there is a natural remedy which can help you to solve your respiratory problems. It is an extremely useful and natural tea mostly beneficial for cleansing your lungs.

If you consume cough syrups you should know that besides being really effective for treating the cold, they should be consumed in moderation since they may cause these symptoms:

• Itching
• Vomiting
• Breathing troubles
• Dizziness
• Rashes
• Swelling
• Nausea
• Drowsiness

Patients who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and respiratory diseases are usually treated with corticosteroids. According to some studies, the corticosteroid therapy weakens the immune system and increases the risks of fungal infection development.

The most common weed in the world is mullein. It has potent properties and was mainly used in the treatment of many respiratory issues centuries ago, such as respiratory constriction, chest cold and lung weakness.
Mullein not only has medicinal properties, it also contains saponins which function as natural expectorants.

It eliminates the accumulated mucus in the lungs, fights viruses and bacteria and relieves the symptoms of congestion. The mucus contains viruses and bacteria which on the other hand are the main factors for all diseases.

Mullein is also known by its emollient properties, it soothes your throat and releives the pain caused by coughing. It can treat even the chronic respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma.

Here is how to prepare mullein tea. This warm drink will loosen up the phlegm too.



• 1 ½ glasses of water
• Two tablespoons of mullein leaves
• 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey – (this is optional)
• 1 tablespoon of dried spearmint – (this is also optional)


In a boiling water submerge the mullein leaves with a strainer or a tea ball. Add the spearmint in a separate strainer or a tea ball. Let it to steep for fifteen minutes. To sweeten the taste you can add honey as well.

This tea is the perfect solution for all respiratory infections. It alleviates the pain and congestion.