Receding gums appear while the tissue of the teeth undergoes corrosion and it seems like the gums drop back. As a result of that, the teeth become more visible and exposed. When the gums drop back, there is bigger room between the teeth and the gums line.

And it is a suitable place for developing bacteria. Also, too much space of the teeth may become exposed so that it may cause harsh pain as well as delicacy of the teeth. Moreover, it may have side effects on the tooth structure or bone that may lead to losing it.


Receding gums represents a very frequent problem and a great number of the people, who have receded gums, are not aware of it. Namely, the process of receding gums is so slow and progressive. When your teeth become very delicate, check your gums. Delicacy is one of the many symptoms of receding gums.

Another symptom may be the size of the tooth – if you notice that your tooth has become larger, then you have to check your gums, because it may be also a symptom of receding gums.

Other symptoms can be:

• Delicacy of the tooth
• Tooth that is larger than before
• Toothache or pain


Receding gums may appear as a result of some diseases of the gums, but is can also appear as a result of some other causes:

• Periodontal diseases. This disease means that the gums are affected by some bacterial infection. It can lead to complete damage of the tooth structure as well as the gums, and to many other problems.
• Inadequate oral hygiene. When you avoid flossing and brushing your teeth, then a plague may appear on them. Plague can also cause calculus, a hard substance that causes recession of the teeth gums.
• Harsh brushing. Harsh brushing is contrary to the normal brushing of the teeth. Harsh brushing of the teeth will destroy the enamel, which will cause receding gums.
• Genes. There is nothing your can do if you face up with this kind of problem.
• Hormonal imbalance. It can also cause receding gums. It can become a very big problem, particularly for the women. Hormonal imbalance also can cause delicate and exposed gums.
• Smoking. Receding gums can appear as a result of smoking. Not only can smoking lead to numerous diseases, like the lung cancer and other lung diseases, but it can also lead to receding gums. People that smoke can get plague on the teeth, which can easily cause receding gums.
• Grinding or clenching the teeth. Grinding and clenching causes pressure on the teeth, which immediately leads to receding gums. Eating with force can also lead to receding gums.
• Piercing. Even though it is strange, pierces on your lips or even tongue can lead to receding gums.


When the problem about the receding gums is noticed on time, the doctor can cure the gums with tooth scaling or root planning. The doctor will eliminate the plague or the calculus from the teeth as well as under the teeth gum.

When the problem with the receding gums is not noticed on time, the doctor will advise you to undertake surgery with the aim to cure the receded gums.

The surgeries can be: soft tissue graft, regeneration of the gum and bone of the tooth, renewed teeth tissue, depth reproduction and so on. In order to get out of surgery, you should use some of the home-made treatments, mentioned in the article. However, if you notice having some serious problems with the gum infections, you should consult your doctor, in order to find out how much the bacteria has destroyed the gums. Moreover, if the problem is not very serious, you can try out one of the home-made treatments for receding gums. You can very easily repair your gums, with these home-made treatments and with adequate oral hygiene.


Gums represent the soft tissues of the teeth. They fill the root of the teeth as well as the teeth. In order to solve your problem with the receding gums, all that you need to do is to have adequate oral hygiene as well as to use some home-made treatments, like oil pulling, which grows back the receding gums. You will find more information below.


Here are some home-made recipes for treating receding gums, which are made of cheap ingredients, like spices and herbs.

Green tea

Green tea possesses numerous benefits for the human health. It contains antioxidants that prevent free radicals, which can cause periodontal diseases and receding gums. Catechins, one of the many antioxidants, are very helpful for preventing a periodontal disease. It is also helpful for strengthening the space between the teeth and the gums. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of the green tea can also reduce the swelling of the teeth gums, caused by some oral diseases.

– How to use the green tea:

Drink one cup of green tea every morning.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can also solve your problem with the receding gums. It possesses numerous benefits for the human health and is very useful for treating skin problems. It is very beneficial due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics and repairing properties. When you notice receding gums, use Aloe Vera, because it will prevent inflammation and it will save the cells that are useful for repairing the tooth tissues. It also will prevent any other infections as a result of its antibacterial characteristics.

– How to use Aloe Vera:

To treat receding gums, us the Aloe Vera gel. You can use it in two ways. Namely, the first is to use the gel as a mouthwash or for brushing your teeth. After brushing and flossing your teeth, apply some Aloe Vera on the toothbrush and brush your teeth and gums again. You should use the Aloe Vera gel from 3 – 5 times. It will rinse your teeth completely. The second way is to use Aloe Vera gel as a mouthwash. After brushing and flossing your teeth, dissolve some Aloe Vera gel into water. It should be consistent so that you can stir it in your mouth. Use it after brushing every day.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is one of the most beneficial remedies for treating receding gums. It is used for curing cavities as well as for oral diseases. Especially beneficial for the health is the Sesame oil, which possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics. It can remove plague from the teeth and prevent any toxins in the mouth. To add, the Sesame oil forms a protective stratum over the teeth and lowers the opportunities of crating plague on them. It can also be used as a method of enhancing the uptake of nutrients in the body.

– How to use it:

First, warm the sesame oil up, but do not heat it to the excess. Just warm it up. After brushing your teeth, put sesame oil in the mouth. Then, gargle the oil and twist it in your mouth, for about two minutes. In case you have not tried gargling before, the twist it from 30 seconds up to one minute, and when you get familiar with it, increase the gargling time. It is recommended to gargle it from 15 – 20 minutes.

Other ways of oil pulling:

For the purpose of oil pulling, you can also take coconut oil. It will prevent any infections, which may be a cause for receding gums. Namely, the coconut oil is useful for protecting the mouth cavity and preventing the decay of the teeth. Coconut oil is considered as one of the most efficient ways for curing receding gums.

How to use it:

The best is to take organic coconut oil. First, brush the teeth. Then, use the coconut oil as a mouthwash. First, do it from 1 – 2 minutes, then increase the time gradually. It is recommended to use it from 15 – 20 minutes a day. It is very useful for treating receding gums as well as for prevention of bacteria in the mouth cavity.


Eucalyptus is rich in essential oils, which possess numerous health benefits. Namely, it is familiar that the essential oils are much stronger that the herbs themselves. It is known, and that is why we use only several drops of the essential oil in most of the recipes.

To add, the essential oils contained in the eucalyptus are able to eliminate the bacteria and the germs in the mouth cavity. They are also used for prevention of many oral diseases. The essential oil from the eucalyptus has got anti-inflammatory characteristics, which prevent the swelling of the teeth gums. It is very important to use diluted essential oil, because otherwise it is very strong.

How to use it:

Dilute 1 – 2 drops of the essential oil from eucalyptus into 1 – 2 tablespoons of water. Then, sink your toothbrush or a finger into the diluted oil. After that, put it on the gums, while massaging softly. Finally, wash the mouth with water. It is very useful for treating receding gums as well as for stimulating the regeneartion of new ones.


From a myrrh tree, you can get resin. It is very beneficial for treating mouth diseases and receding gums. It is also useful for the prevention of the teeth gums recession and other additional damages of the tooth gums.

How to use it:

The best is to take powdered myrrh. You can also make powder from resin by crashing the resin. Mix it with water, until you get pasta. Then, put it on the gums, while massaging softly for a several minutes. After that, brush your teeth.

Clove oil

For soothing toothache, people usually use clove oil. However, they are not aware of the disinfectant characteristics of the clove oil. It is used for prevention of the bacteria and germs in the mouth cavity, as well as for treating any other oral diseases. Clove oil possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics, due to which it prevents the swelling of the teeth gums. The first step to reduce inflammation is to prevent periodontal diseases.

Clove oil has numbing effect, which can be noticed while chewing it. You should chew it after every meal. It is very important the clove goes over all sides of the mouth cavity. Clove oil also prevents bad breath. When you notice this problem, take and chew a clove.

How to use it:

Apply 1 – 2 drops of the clove oil on your gums, while massaging them softly. Repeat this procedure from 1 – 3 timed per day. Precaution: before using this procedure, consult with your doctor. In case you use some blood clotting medications.


Lemons possess antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics. It is very useful for enhancing the growth of the receding gums. It is also used for prevention of bad breath. You should be very careful when you use lemon, because using it too often; it can harm the enamel on the teeth. Lemon oil is recommended not to be used every single day. It is better to use it once per week. It is also recommended to use home-made lemon oil, because it is safer.

• Home-made lemon oil:

– All that you will need is:

Fresh lemon juice ( from half or one lemon)
¼ – ½ cup of olive oil


Mix the lemon juice with the olive oil in a jar. After that, leave it for several weeks. But, shake the jar every day. You can use the oil, after three or four weeks.

How to use it:

Take a little from the mixture on your finger and massage the gums for a few minutes. It is not recommended to do it more than twice a week.


The best is to prevent the receding gums that to cure them. When you become aware that a great number of people have problems with receding gums, then it is high time to take action. In this way, you will also prevent many oral diseases. Here is some advice for taking better care of your teeth and gums.

• Adequate oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is the best way to prevent oral diseases.

– Remember:

Do not brush your teeth aggressively.
Floss you teeth!
Use a toothbrush with smaller head and with soft bristles.
Use soft strokes, in a circular movement.
Brush you gums. Do not push them.

The best oral hygiene is to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. If you cannot do that after every meal, than use a mouthwash.

• Mouthwash for clean mouth cavity

If you want to destroy germs and bacteria in your mouth cavity, then use mouthwash on a regular basis. It is best to use mouthwash every day. Here are some home-made mouthwashes, if you do not like to use a mouthwash from the markets. All of them are made of essential oils.

– Mix ¼ – ½ cups of water with 1 – 2 drops of essential oil, like peppermint, tea or clove oil, sage oil well. Use the mixture every day.

– Hydrogen peroxide is another way to prevent infections in your mouth. You should use it diluted with water, because it is very strong.

Mouthwash is very important for the oral hygiene. Do mouthwash twice a day minimum, in the morning and in the evening.

• Water

Water is very important for your health and is very beneficial for the gums. Here are some reasons why you should drink a lot of water in order to protect your gums:

– You will eliminate the toxins from the mouth cavity and the body, as well. Drinking water will destroy any germs and bacteria in your mouth, so it will also prevent receding gums.
– Drinking water keeps your mouth clean. If you cannot use a mouthwash after every meal, then drink water after every meal to remove the leftovers of food in your mouth. Twist it in your mouth, and after that you can spit it out or swallow it. It is very easy.

• Eat healthy food

Healthy food full with nutrients can improve the health as well as the immune system. However, fast food will stimulate the growth of bacteria in your mouth cavity, which can cause other mouth infections.

– Consume a lot of vegetables and fruit. Consume vegetables and fruit that are rich in Vitamin C, because it is very effective for the gums. It also lowers inflammation and aids the regeneration of the gums. Consume pineapples, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and so on.

– Exclude cold drinks and use less sugar. They create perfect place for bacteria.

– Do not consume processed food, alcohol, caffeine and everything that is made of white flour. They have side effects for your health and oral health, as well.

• For other supplements consult your doctor

If you do not take all the necessary nutrients, you will have oral problems or problems with the gums. To improve your health, consult your doctor, who will advise you to take up more Vitamins and nutrients. These supplements can aid you if you have problems with the receding gums:

– Calcium – it is very beneficial for bone and dental health.
– Vitamin C – It possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics and is important for improving the immune system.
– Ginkgo Biloba – It is useful for improvement of the circulation of the blood that is beneficial for healthy gums.
– Zink – It improves the immune system and prevents any bacteria, which lead to oral diseases and infections.
– Coenzyme Q10 – It regenerates new cells and is helpful for growing back the receding gums.