There are various causes for joint and muscle contractions. Other common problems are back and neck pain, which have an influence on the life quality. However, massaging the affected and painful parts of the human body can relieve and boost up the recovery.

Stiff neck appears as a result of wrong body posture, chronic stress, improper sitting, sports injuries, etc. Moreover, the stiffness of the neck can be transferred to the back. It usually leads to headaches, arm pain and shoulder pain.

However, if you experience this type of pain, avoid taking painkillers, since they are very harmful for the overall health. Instead taking painkillers, you can try the massage given below.

Self-neck massage

In order to do this massage, you will need yoga brick or bucket. In addition, you can also use a tennis ball or a sponge. Stand up, while facing up a wall. In one hand, hold the yoga bucket, while in the other the tennis ball. Be 80 cm away from the wall. Stretch the left leg back, but keep the body forward. Keep the cube against the wall, move the right shoulder and put the ball in the neck curve. Remain in the same position for 10 seconds. Finally, do the same with the left shoulder. Do it five times.

Auto-back massage

In order to prevent back pain, you can try massaging it. To do this exercise you should do stand up. Place the ball between the upper right shoulder and the wall. In addition, you can place it on the painful area. Do circular movements with the body. You will feel as the body massages you.

A massage for stretching chest and back

In order to prevent back and neck pain, you should stretch them regularly. You can try the following put the hands back on the neck. Then, lift the hand up. In this way, you will stretch the back. You should keep the stomach in straight position. Stay in the same position for 30 seconds.

Sciatic nerve relaxation

The sciatic nerve pain affects walking and paralyzes the body, this leading to sitting or standing difficulties. In order to do this exercise, lie on the floor and place a tennis ball beneath the back. Do circular movements with the body.

You will feel as the ball massages your body. You should perform this exercise for 10 seconds. After that, make a pause and repeat it.