Maybe you will find this weird, but actually you should always look what you are flushing in the toilet after you have finished your things there. Your excrement may tell you a lot about your overall health and even save your life.

The excrement is a food leftover which should be removed from the body after the metabolism has absorbed the necessary nutrients. This is how the body eliminates the waste.

The excrement smell and look are real indicators of what happens inside the body.

The excrement texture can tell a lot about your health.

• If you defecate soft excrement with clear-cut edges, several times daily, it is perfectly normal.
• If your body cannot absorb the food fats, your excrement will have sticky and soft texture. This is due to the excess oil and pancreas issues too.
• Excrement whose shape is like a sausage is completely normal. However, if there are cracks on its surface it signifies lack of water in your body.
• Lumpy-shaped excrement is normal too. You should only increase the fiber and water intake.
• Fluffy or mushy pieces whose edges are ragged may be a sign of diarrhea. Increase the liquid intake and consult your doctor since that may be a sign of infection.
• Hard and separate nuts indicate lack of water and fiber in your body. Increasing the water intake and fruits and vegetables consumption may help a lot.
• Liquid excrement means diarrhea. Diarrhea signifies infection. It usually makes your body dehydrated, so you need to drink a lot of water if you have diarrhea.
• If the excrement is soft and smooth it means your body is healthy.
The excrement color also tells a lot about your overall health
• Black excrement means something is wrong and you should never ignore this sign. It usually signifies internal bleeding caused either by cancer or ulcers. In this case you should see your doctor immediately.
• Brown excrement indicates you are healthy.
• If you have excess fat your excrement will be yellow.
• You should also seek medical help if your excrement is blood stained or red.
• If you consume too much leafy green vegetables the excrement will be green. It may also mean that the food moves too quickly through the large intestinal system.
• White, light-colored or clay-colored excrement implies bile duct obstruction. It may also appear as a side effect of some medications you are taking. Make sure you visit your doctor.

Paying attention to these signs may save your life. Increase the intake of water and fiber so that your excrement will be normal.