Purslane which is also called Portulaca oleracea is a common weed which can be usually found in your garden.

At first the plant existed in India and Persia, but today it can be found all over the world. In many countries people cultivate it in order to use it as a food and at the same time some people just throw it away.

This weed usually has fleshy leaves and yellow flowers. That is why it is very beautiful weed. However, the most important part are its healing qualities and people should be aware of them.

Its seeds are able to exist in different climates. They are very potent and they are able to stay viable for even 40 years. What’s more, this weed is completely natural and GMO free.

Purslane is able to grow in gardens that are well-tended or in arid climates. In both situations the crop will grow equally. This resistant, powerful and healing plant is very beneficial for our immune system and our overall health as well.

Some people call it pig weed and it is better feed for pigs than all GMO grains that are used by farmers for their pigs and other livestock feed. It is amazing that purslane weed is full of omega 3 fatty acids and the weird part is that it contains more than most fish oils.

Additionally,among all leafy vegetables it contains highest levels of vitamin A, which is excellent for eye health boost and it is a great protector from some cancer types.

Amazing anti-oxidant

Purslane contains 2 types of betalain alkaloid pigments that are called beta-cyanis with reddish and beta-xanthins with yellow color.

These two pigments are powerful antioxidants and anti-mutagens. The weed also contains a lot of carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex including riboflavin, niacin and niacin, and trace minerals including magnesium, calcium and iron.

Finally, purslane has so many nutritional benefits and that is why you should think of it as a health booster, because it is not a simple weed.