We have written about the dangers of numerous foods before, but not as often as about this food – a food which is as American as can be. But this doesn’t make it less dangerous…

Which food? The popular hot dogs.

According to the new studies, children who eat over 12 hot dogs monthly have 9 times greater likelihood to suffer from leukemia. Well, 12 hot dogs doesn’t sound like a lot – a number most children will have 2-3 at once if they have the chance, and that is suddenly more than once a week.

Additionally, fathers who often consumed hot dogs before conception have a greater likelihood to pass cancer to the children and the pregnant women who consumed hot dogs have greater likelihood to have kids who’ll develop brain tumor.

Particularly, hot dogs contain significantly high levels of nitrate. As you probably know, nitrates are really nasty, well-known carcinogens, and they are what makes the hot dogs like meat.

And unlike food that naturally contains nitrates, the hot dogs do not contain the natural antibodies of that nitrates.

Check out the video below for more information.