If the popular Reese’s peanut butter cups are your favorite sweets, we will offer you a couple of very good reasons why you should stop consuming them. We see these tiny cups everywhere around us, so they are impossible to ignore.

But, you need to find another favorite snack, since Reese’s cups are the last thing you should consume.

Background information

These tiny cups first appeared in 1928 and were presented by Mister Reese. He was a farmer and a shipping foreman for S. Hershey.

He was the inventor of this sweet, which made him leave his business with dairy farming. This was a great soil for his company for candies that was firstly located in the basement.

These cups come in various varieties, shapes and sizes. And of course everyone loves peanut butter and chocolate, but would you consume TBHQ?

The primary ingredients of the Reese’s butter cups are: Milk chocolate, (chocolate, milk, sugar, cocoa butter, no fat milk, lactose, milk fat, PGPR, soy lecithin), peanuts, salt, sugar dextrose, citric acid and TBHQ.

1. Soy Lecithin

Around 93% of the soy in the US is GMO. Soy lecithin has an impact on the reproduction and fertility. It can even lead to severe cerebral and behavioral abnormalities, and scientists claim it may trigger development of abnormal cancer cells in the breasts.


PGPR or Polyglycerol polyricinoleate is utilized instead of adding cocoa butter in order to spend less in the production. PGRP comes from castor beans,which reduces the chocolate viscosity. Studies show that this leads to gastrointestinal issues as well as allergies in kids.


TBHQ or Tertiary butylhidroquinone comes from petroleum, and it is very toxic. TBHQ can cause nausea, ringing in your ears, vomiting, collapse and delirium. This can seriously damage your lungs as well as the umbilical cells.

Researchers think that this can result in stomach cancer. When it comes to small children, TBHQ leads to anxiety, increased symptoms of ADHD and restlessness.

Natural Homemade and organic peanut butter cups

Reese’s are really delicious, but you really don’t want to expose your health at such risk. If you are crazy about peanut butter, you wll definitely love this recipe. You can purchase organic peanut butter cups or make tiny cups by yourself.


• Twelve tin liners for muffins
• 12 oz of dark chocolate (organic)
• 1 cup of organic peanut butter
• 4 cups of raw honey
• ¼ teaspoon of organic salt


1. Trim the tin cups to make them shallow.
2. Melt the dark chocolate over the steam for about a minutes, but be careful not to overcook it.
3. Put the melted dark chocolate in the muffin cups. Use a teaspoon for this. Freeze them.
4. Mix the peanut butter, salt and honey in a separate bowl. Heat this mixture in a smaller saucepan. You won’t need greater heat for this.
5. Put themixture in the now frozen shallow cups, and make sure to leave a bit of space on the top for another layer of chocolate.
6. Put the cups again in the fridge for ten minutes, and flatten the butter. Place the cups in the fridge for one more hour.
7. Now the chocolate has become hard, so you should rewarm it. Add one more layer over the cups. Place the cups back in the fridge.

And now the homemade peanut butter cups are done! Choose organic and enjoy them! Check out the video for a vegan version of the recipe.

Source: David Wolfe