They say you learn something your whole life. And as we know, there is more than enough to discover our entire life and still not know everything.

Some people learn things the easy way, while some of use learn the hard way, by making mistakes.

Here’s something new to learn, however, be prepared, since it is a great shocker! You have been pooping the wrong way your whole life!

Read this article to discover why, and what is the right way to poop.

You have been pooping wrong your entire life! Can you believe it?

Basically if you are from the Western countries, then you have been doing business wrong all your life. And today we will show you the right way.

This gives an idea of what have you been doing wrong? As you can see, the posture matters!

Scientists from Stanford University claim that the human body is created in such way that it is more natural to squat while you poop, rather than sitting.

Studies show that sitting while you poop can result in hernias, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, diverticulosis, as well as haemorrhoids as a result of this strain.

In a study conducted in 2003, researchers divided subjects in three groups, each one in a different posture, and scrutinized the results of their pooping posture.

The first group was sitting on a lower toilet seat, the second one sat on a higher toilet seat, while the third one squatted, and the results of the experiences of these groups were scrutinized.

You see what have you been doing wrong all this time? And it really does make sense, even as a layman, right?

Now since you know what was wrong with your bathroom posture, you will probably alter your bathroom style.

Check out this squatty potty informational video!