The magazine “Life Science” recently published a study that showed that a derivative of the plant Sweet wormwood called artemisinin can destroy 98% of the breast cancer cells in 16 hours.

Some statistics show that using this plant lowers 28% of the breast cancer cells. Furthermore, combined with iron, the plant can almost completely “erase” cancer. The best part is that it doesn’t have an impact on the healthy cells in the breast.

In the past, people used artemisinin as a powerful antimalarial agent. Fortunately, the study discovered its benefits against the cancer cells too.

In the study, subjects received iron which usually builds up in the breast cells or tissue infected by cancer. Thus, artemisinin finds the bad cells and leaves the healthy ones untouched.

Also it should be stated that iron builds up in cancer cells with certain receptors that help the sharing cells (known as “transferrin” receptors).

The healthy cells also can have those receptors, but cancer cells have them in larger quantities, so they can be easily targeted by a combination of iron and atemisinin.

In China people have been using atemisinin extract for ages against malaria.

There were a lot of experiments that show that artemisinin can efficiently eliminate the disease in combination with iron.

This discovery was made by bioengineers Narendra Singh and Henry Lai from the Washington University, and the results show that cancerous cells go through apoptosis, so they basically kill themselves.

Now, it’s hard to get this extract because of the high price, but people are really interested in the plant so the price can become obtainable. The French medicine manufacturer “Sanofi” expects to make about 50 tons of Artemisinin a year, with the hope to meet the demands of the market.