Pineapples belong to the fruit group called Bromeliad, however they are one of the couple of edible fruits from this group. Pineapples are formed by a grid of numerous individual berries that are merged together, and every scale represents the end of one and the beginning of another berry.

However, the berries aren’t the only part of this fruit that can be used! Today we will show you how to use the whole fruit together with the peel.

Pineapples have numerous nutritive benefits

Pineapples are rich in manganese and vitamin C. Also, they contain a good amount of dietary fiber and the enzyme called bromelain.

Manganese is responsible for defending antioxidants. Vitamin B and thiamine can also be found in this fruit and they are a good source of energy.

Since they lack cholesterol and fat, and contain low levels of sodium, they are amazing addition to your healthy diet. One full cup of pineapples contains only 82 calories.

Health Benefits Of Pineapple

1. An excellent anti-inflammatory fruit

Pineapple is the only known dietary source of bromelain. This fruit is full of bromelain, however, the highest concentrations of this enzyme are found in the core. The amazing anti-inflammatory properties of the enzyme bromelain make it an excellent ingredient for those who are suffering from various sports injuries.

2. Pineapple promotes good heart health

Vitamin C is an abundant vitamin in this fruit. It’s an amazing ingredient that can be used against all kinds of heart issues. Numerous studies conducted in China and Finland found that increased consumption of vitamin C can lower the risks of coronary diseases.

3. It Has amazing anti-carcinogenic properties

The enzyme bromelain – that we mentioned earlier is an amazing agent that effectively fights off cancer. And pineapples work great in combination with chemotherapy in order to successfully prevent the growth of the cancer cells. And beta carotene contained in pineapples protects the colon and prostate from cancer.

4. Fertility

Pineapples are also rich in numerous minerals and vitamins including vitamin C, beta carotene, copper, folic acid and zinc and a lot of these ingredients can improve the fertility in men and women.

5. It Prevents the development of Cataract

Vitamin C is also great for the protection of your vision. If you increase your vitamin C intake you can lower the risk of developing cataract.

6. Asthma

Beta carotene that can be found in pineapples is transformed in vitamin A during the digestion process. The results from a couple of studies show that beta carotene can reduce the likelihood of developing exercise – induced asthma.

7. Osteoarthritis

Pineapples have great anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a great treatment for osteoarthritis!

How to prepare the AMAZING pineapple juice:

You’ll need these ingredients:

• A liter of filtered water
• One pineapple with peels
• Sweetener to taste.

How make this pineapple juice:

Start by washing the pineapple peel well, peel it and separate its peel from the fruit, and then cut off the crown. Put the peel in a pan filled with filtered water and boil it with a little pineapple pulp. After the mixture cools down, dilute it with a liter of water and finally add sweetener to taste. Strain this mixture and drink the juice.