As we all know the banana is a very beneficial fruit, but the beneficial properties of the peel are also very important. When we eat the banana, all of us throw the peel, even though most people in countries, including India, have eaten the banana peel for ages.

We can use the banana peel in the following ways:

1. The banana peel can be used for whitening your teeth

Clean the teeth with the internal side of the banana peel for about two weeks. You will be amazed be the immediate result.

2. The banana peel is used for removing the warts

The banana peel can easily remove the skin warts. It will not only remove the warts, but it will also prevent its reappearance. Put a piece of banana peel on the wart and stick it with a bandage. Keep it throughout the night. Repeat the procedure, until the wart disappears.

3. The banana peel is used for removing acne and wrinkles

The banana peel is very beneficial for the skin care as a result of its anti-aging properties as well as antioxidants. To add, bananas are used for nourishing and hydrating the skin. Scrape the peel on your skin, especially on the affected areas on the skin. Keep it up to 30 minutes.

4. The banana peel is used for curing psoriasis

Unluckily, the diseases of the skin cannot be completely cured with the banana peel. However, the banana peel can relieve some signs of psoriasis.

5. The banana peel is used as an analgetic

The banana peel can act as an analgetic. Just scrub banana peel on the painful spots of your body.

6. The banana peel is used for loss weight

As we all know the banana consists of potassium. However, potassium is also present in the banana peel. Namely, the banana peel can contain up to 40 % potassium. To add, potassium is beneficial for losing weight. Also, it stimulates the metabolism; so that you burn much more calories as well as muscles get more energy. When you are more energetic, you are also more active.

Moreover, the banana peel also contains other things, like fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin B. the banana peel contains more fiber than the banana. With the fiber, you will feel full. So, you are now aware that the banana peel is very beneficial for losing weight, although it may sound weird. Here is a recipe of how to use banana peel in order to lose weight.


– You need:

• Salt
• One teaspoon turmeric
• Two teaspoons of coconut oil
• Two tablespoons of grated coconut
• Four green banana peels
• ½ teaspoon mustard seeds
• ½ black-eyes peas (when used fresh, first soak them overnight).
• Lime Juice

– Firstly, cut the banana peels in smaller pieces and then boil them with the salt and the turmeric. In order to prevent sap from clinging to the pot, put some oil into the water. When it boils, simmer, until peels get soft. After that, drain, but keep the water for later (it is used as a basis for soup or for cooking rice).

– Secondly, when you use fresh black-eyed peas, you should boil them until they get soft. When you use canned, you should rinse and drain them

– Thirdly, heat the coconut oil in a frying pan to a medium heat. Then, add mustard seed, and cook till they pop. Finally, add the boiled banana peels and the black-eyed peas and cook up to 5 minutes. Take the mixture out of heat and stir in coconut. Then, add salt and lime juice. Then, serve it.


Yellow banana peel contains anti-cancer properties, and they are beneficial for the creation of white blood cells. However, green bananas are better for losing weight, due to the probiotics that they consist of. Probiotics are good for the digestive system. Moreover, it has been proved that the green banana peel heightens the level of dopamine and serotonin.

– Here are some ways if you come across some difficulties with eating the banana peel:

• For instance, you can prepare a smoothie. Cut the ends of the banana peel, and then put the peel in a blender. You can add some ice, coconut oil, cinnamon, or ingredients that you prefer. If you use the peel as a smoothie, it is better to use yellow banana peel, because it is sweeter sue to its flavor.

• You can also use yellow banana peel to make tea. In order to make the tea, first, cut the both ends of the peel and boil it in a pot up to 10 minutes. Then, filter it, and drink the banana tea. For a sweeter banana peel, you can add honey.

• Nevertheless, green bananas can be used for cooking. They can be used to make curries or chutneys, or to use them as potatoes. You just have to be more creative.

You just need to buy organic banana and to clean them completely before you use them.