The apple cedar vinegar has got numerous benefits for the overall health. As we all know, the apple cedar vinegar is used to make the lunch or dinner tastier or to smell better. However, it is very beneficial for the human health, and is used for many health problems.

A great number of medical specialists and health mentors advice their patients to use apple cedar vinegar as a therapy against infections, indigestion, heartburn and numerous health problems, as well. What is really important is that the apple cedar vinegar can be used both internally and externally.

It is very important to have apple cedar vinegar at your home, because it can be the right solution for some serious health problems.

When it comes to the apple cedar vinegar, in order to get better results, you should use organic apple cedar vinegar and pure raw. Here, we are going to show you how to prepare it at home. The preparation of the apple cedar vinegar is very easy, so you need not buy it from the supermarket.

How to prepare apple cedar vinegar at home:

• You will need:

* sugar
* water
* organic apples

• How to prepare it:

First, wash the apples and slice them into small pieces. Then, put them in a glass jar and add 10 g. sugar for each kilogram of apples. Sugar, which is used only in the process of fermentation, will be eliminated during the preparation, so it will not be present in the final product. After that, fill the glass jar with water, and cover it with a gauze.

Leave the jar on a room temperature of 20o C. After 7 – 10 days, a sour smell will be released by the mixture, so it would be better to put the jar outside, because the smell will become more intense. The home-made apple cedar vinegar can be used after 1 month. After 1 month, the apple cedar vinegar will be ready for usage.

Finally, strain the mixture through a gauze and store it in sterilized bottles. In order to get more sour apple cedar vinegar, you can put off the straining for a few days.