Unfortunately, there is always a time when our health is at big risk and we could experience dangerous consequences. Antibiotics can become more and more useless, and this could bring us back in the middle ages in the time when people actually died from a small infection.

The biggest reason for this is because we use antibiotics, too much and the companies that produce poultry, beef and porcine.
A lot of people think that antibiotics might be the best solution for an illness, and that the ailment or infection can disappear by themselves.

However, this is a huge mistake. On the contrary, using antibiotics for small infections can cause two severe consequences, and if you have weakened immune system you are going to feel the strain because antibiotics can entirely indiscriminate when it comes to destroying bacteria.

Antibiotics are able to destroy the “good” bacteria in the gut that strengthens the immune system and improves the efficiency of the body for removing toxic metals.

That is why antibiotics have to be used only when your doctor says it is necessary.

On the opposite, the beef industry actually uses around 70% of all antibiotic use in the entire USA. All of these companies are one of the largest risks of the entire healthcare system.
These companies say that they are doing all of these dangerous and ethically questionable business practices for our sake. However, the truth is that they are only concerned to get more money.

That is why, we suggest that you make a decision for your money, an you have to be sure that you replace antibiotics with different natural alternatives and just buy certified natural and organic meat products.

It is obvious that, essential oils can help you a lot. You can use them like a healthy alternative for highly toxic cosmetics, which are added in most of the natural cleaners, and can they can act like a natural pest controls.

One study from 2011 says that a combination of cinnamon, oregano and chili peppers essential oils is great for becoming poultry resistant to infections, and a lot healthier than the poultry which receives the regular toxic batch. You can prevent bacteria effectively with thyme oil.

All of these oils can be included in your home’s natural first aid kit, because they could help you to prevent different infections and they will not compromise the health care system.