According to the ancient wisdom the ingredients of the plants are not the only beneficial parts they have, on the contrary, beyond their physical components they also possess deep vibration and a sacred spirit.

It is due to their pure and holy nature, which makes them real traditional and medicinal remedies. They are mostly used in:

• Spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and physical healing
• Cleansing our bodies and the spaces we live in
• Protection
• Guidance
• Shifting and altering our consciousness
• Personal explorations
• Religious ceremonies

The usage of the plants for these purposes is not something unknown or new. Millennia ago humanity has used these methods in order to connect to the Earth and to the spiritual world too.

The power of smudge sticks

Alfred Savinelli – in his book “Plants of Power” wrote: “Nature understands fire and smoke better than words”.

According the Jane Alexander, in her book“The Smudging and Blessing Book”, she explains the healing power of smudging. It helps us to:

• Remove the negative energy or the stagnant energy in a certain place, either the house you have moved into, a place where people have been arguing, a sickroom and etc.
• Leave behind the old relationships and be able to build new ones
• Celebrate holidays
• Wake up full of energy, hope and confidence
• Have more energizing and deeper sleep as well as sweet dreams
• Relieve the stress
• Seek love
• Feel protected

There are many religious structures and cultures which believe that the smudge smoke carries our prayers towards the heavens.

Smudging involves burning of bundled, loose or braided plants. However, no matter whether they are bundled or braided, the smudging process remains the same. You can spread the smoke around your body either by using a smudging feather or just your hands. If you spread it around your space, it has healing and cleansing effects.

Plants which are used for smudging process usually include:

• Sagebrush – used for healing headaches, colds and wounds
• Balsam fir – used for purification and cleansing
• Sage – clears negative energy (usually white and garden sage)
• Pine needles – used for purification and cleansing
• Sweetgrass – used for bringing positive energy, purification and healing. (burn this plant especially after smudging with stronger energy purifier)
• Cedar leaf – used for purification and cleansing
• Holy basil (tulsi) – used for calming and purification
• Juniper – purification and cleansing
• Rosemary – used for protection
• Mugwort – used for calming, purification and lucid dreaming
• Mullein – used for healing or improving respiratory function and cleansing sickrooms
• Lavender – has calming effect
• Rose petals – attracts love, also used for calming and meditation
• Peppermint – used for protection and healing
• Desert chaparral – clears negative energy, protects and has calming effects
• Yarrow – cleanses the body
• Lemon balm – used for calming and spiritual purification

It is recommended that before you use any kind of plant for smudging, look at the plants that grow near your place and use them.

Instructions for making smudge sticks:

1. The first step is to cut plant’s branches into 20 centimeters lengths and make sure you let them wilt overnight before you use them.
2. The next step is to measure a piece of string or thin cord (you can also use a cotton). It has to be four times the length of the previously cut branches.
3. Tie the branches together.
4. The tips of branches should point down. Wrap the cord around the base of the bundle.
5. While wrapping the cord press firmly the plants together and move towards the tip of the branches.
6. After reaching the tips, go back down the base.
7. Then, tie the two cord ends together.
8. Cut the edges so that the bundle looks neatly.
9. Put the smudge stick into a basket to dry 7 or 10 days.
10. Enjoy.

How to perform the process of smudging:

First of all, light the tip of your smudge stick with a candle, match or a lighter. If the stick has a steady flame blow it out. The smudge stick will start smoking and smoldering. Spread the smoke over your body or around your place by using either a feather or your hand.

It is recommendable to grow the plants you want to use for smudging. If it is not possible for you, then you can purchase smudge sticks from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Since the effects of this sticks are different for everybody, you should consult your medical professionals before you decide to use the herbal remedies. In addition, the information contained in this article should be considered only as purely educational in its purpose.