In order to function properly a normal cell needs oxygen, only cancerous cells can live without oxygen. If you take a normal cell and deprive it from 35% of oxygen it will become a cancer cell for only 48 hours.

According to Otto Heinrich Warburg, who was well known biochemist and cell biologist from the twentieth century, the main reason for cancer is the high level of acidity in the body. It means that the pH in the body is lower than the normal one of 7.365, which creates an acidic environment.

Warburg investigated the tumors metabolism and cell respiration and consequently found out that cancer cells can survive in an acidic environment, where the pH is 6.0. It is due to the increased levels of CO2 and the production of lactic acid.

He believed that oxygen is directly connected to the pH levels. If the pH level is high it signifies alkaline environment, meaning that there is high oxygen concentration too, whereas lower pH implies that the body is more acidic, and consequently the oxygen concentrations are lower.

That is the same oxygen necessary for maintaining the health of the cells. Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for this magnificent discovery.

The Metabolism of Tumors is one of his most popular works where he showed that all cancer types have only two features: hypoxia and acidosis. Hypoxia is the lack of oxygen in the cells which cannot be manifested if there is not acidosis.

The healthy cells and tissues are alkaline, while the cancerous ones are acidic. Since water is consisted of Hydrogen and Oxygen, it splits into OH-ions and H+. An overload of H+ signifies acidosis while the overload of OH-ions signifies alkalosis.

As Dr. Otto Warburg has said, a cancer disease cannot exist if the body is alkaline. This implies that the only way to prevent cancer is to keep the pH balance in your body.

Unfortunately, many people consume kinds of food which promote the development of acidic environment in the body since they transform the pH levels from alkaline into acidic. Keeping the alkaline environment prevents various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Genetically modified foods, refined sugars and processed foods lead to changes into the normal pH levels which support the creation of acidosis, thus affecting the overall health. As a matter of fact, most of the health issues affecting humans nowadays are attributed to acidic pH levels, such as bacteria, parasites and viruses too.

Luckily, there are some ways which can help you restore the pH balance in your body. Here is a recipe of a home made remedy:


• 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
• 1/3 tablespoon of baking soda


Mix all the ingredients in 2.5 deciliters of cold water and then stir them well. The lemon juice or the apple cider vinegar will react with the baking soda and the mixture will begin to fizz. Drink this remedy at one go. It will prevent the health problems associated with low pH levels and it will also naturally reduce them if they are already high.

Balancing your pH levels will significantly restore your health and you will notice the improvements within several days.

Dr. Warburg stated that oxygen deficiency is the reason for the acidic state which causes anaerobic environment where only cancerous cells can survive.