Various studies have been done in order to show the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger.

Ginger has been used as a pain reliever in China for thousands of years. It was also used due to its other properties, such as treating headaches, arthritis, improving blood circulation, muscle soreness and etc.

Ginger can be used in different ways: dried, powdered, fresh, and added to juices or meals. However, there is also another way to make use of its mighty properties. And that is the ginger press.

Ginger press is another effective way to cure and ease pains associated with swollen veins, sore muscles, sprains and rheumatism. If you feel burning sensations on the affected area it means the ginger remedy is working.

Ginger penetrates into the skin and targets the causes of the pain, eliminating them quickly.

Preparation and Ingredients:

• 2 tablespoons of course sea salt
• 1 ginger root
• 4 garlic cloves
• Clean plastic film sheet

Chop the ginger root and peel the garlic. Put them into a bowl and add the other ingredients. Mix them by using a pestle or mortar until the mixture becomes grounded. Put the mixture on a plastic film sheet and apply it onto the affected area carefully since the mixture can easily fall off. Put a tape to secure the sides and wrap a bandage on the whole area. This will enable further secure. Let it stay for six hours.

Note that you should not apply it on open wounds. The only indication for its usage is joint pain. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can also treat the inflammations which are caused by the Coz-2 enzyme.

Moreover, it reduces sensitivity and decreases the pain receptors, which makes this ingredient equally effective as aspirin or ibuprofen but without causing any side effects.