The symptoms of flu and cold, such as coughs, runny noses, phlegm throats and sneezing are pretty common during the flu season.

In this article we are going to present you a remedy which can treat all these symptoms and eliminate the mucus from your lungs. It is a mixture of honey, lemon, ginger and water. Besides eliminating the mucus and all the other symptoms, it also prevents further health problems and strengthens your immune system.

Here is the recipe:

You need only 15 minutes for the preparation.


  • 100 g honey
  • 1-inch ginger
  • 100 ml water
  • 4 tablespoons lemon juice


Put the ginger into water and let it boil for 10 minutes. When it is completely cool add lemon and honey and let the mixture stay overnight. The next morning, store this remedy in the fridge. It can be used up to a week only.


Consume 40 ml of this homemade remedy every morning on an empty stomach for 40 days. Pause for two weeks and then repeat the procedure again, for forty more days.

This will boost your immune system. In case you suffer from phlegm or excess mucus, then you should try steaming. Put the same ingredients into boiling water and bend over it. Let it act for five minutes.

Here are the health benefits of consuming this remedy:


Experts recommend regular water intake since it detoxifies your body, loosens the mucus accumulated in the lungs and eliminates it easily.

In addition, warm water can regulate the body temperature while cold water strengthens the immune system and increases the metabolism.


This is a super powerful food which alleviates the inflammatory processes in the body and eliminates the bacteria, viruses and fungi. In case you have ulcers, allergies or wounds this is the perfect ingredient for you since it is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants.

Honey also strengthens the immune system due to its probiotic bacteria known as lactobacillus kunkeei.

It is really helpful if you suffer from phlegm, mucus and sore throat. However, ensure you use organic and pure honey only.


Lemons contain potassium and vitamin C which strengthen the immune system. They soothe the inflammatory processes and eliminate microbes and the built up mucus. Moreover, lemons balance your pH levels, prevent dehydration and fatigue, regulate the blood tension and the function of the nervous system and keep the hormonal balance.


Ginger helps the treatment of sinusitis and removes the mucus and phlegm. It can clean the lungs and improve the blood circulations due to the oleoresins. Ginger prevents the inflammation, morning sickness, fever and asthma problems as well.