The most common problem that many people face with nowadays is belly fat, also known as pot belly. It usually appears as a result of a bad diet routine, which includes consuming a lot of processed and refined food.

Moreover, bad habits, like drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages, having a sedentary life, not doing regular exercises and others may lead to weight gain. In order to burn belly fat naturally, you need to take up a holistic approach and to do regular exercises every day.

In this article, we are going to show you an exercise routine which has already been tested and has been proven as a very efficient one. It is the double-leg lift up exercise technique.


The double-leg lift up exercises technique can help you efficiently and easy burn belly fat. You will significantly reduce weight and burn belly fat if you do this exercises routine every day for one week.


– Firstly, lie on the back on a flat site, and face your palms of the hands and arms down on the site, flat like your body.

– Stretch your legs, so that they touch one another.

– Lift your legs up, while they are still touching one another. Lift them up as high as possible.

– Then, put your hands down, and stretch them, but make sure they still touch each other. In this way, you will return to your standing position.

– You can repeat this technique as many times as you can. The effort will be put on the abdomen, which is the main aim of this exercise routine. However, make sure that the hands and arms do not move, while you are lifting up the legs, or while you are stretching them.

– In order to make greater pressure on the abdominal area, you can speed up the exercise. Do it as fast as you can. Lift and stretch your legs as fast as possible.

– When you do 20 double-leg lift exercises, you should make a pause and stand up on the legs. You may return to the same exercises after doing some stretching exercises. After stretching, you may do another 20 double-leg lift exercises.

– Finally, doing this exercise on a daily basis for one week will help you lose weight quickly and easily, and it will keep you healthy, too.

Do this exercise regularly in order to burn belly fat and to reduce weight. You will be shocked by the immediate results.