Ginger is a root which has a crisp; hot taste and different health benefits. Ginger is also able to help you in weight loss and for maintaining a proper weight as well. Additionally, it is great for losing stomach fat.

Wight loss and ginger:

The ancient practice of Ayurveda, says that drinking and eating ginger root may help you to maintain your weight and one research study confirmed the same as well.

In one study that was published in the Journal of the Science and Food of Farming in 2014, the researchers discovered that overweight rats that received gingerol (it is the substance present in ginger) can help and drop the weight. This happens after a one month period of supplements. The rats showed enhancements to leptin levels and blood sugar levels.

Leptin is a substance which contributes in feeling satisfied and complete after you consume it and there is different information about how leptin can be valuable for weight loss.

The conclusion is that gingers supplements can suppress weight problems which are caused by a high fat diet and it is able to help in the treatment of obesity.

There is another research study that was released last in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences and it revealed that ginger supplementation had equal effect on weight loss in rats like a popular medication for weight-loss.

Also, ginger was the reason for noteworthy enhancements in the blood cholesterol level, with the “good” cholesterol levels (HDL) that went up from their standard level.

Ginger can help you to feel fuller and can help you to properly digest the food. It is no surprise that it can help in weight loss.


Ginger is able to help you with weight maintenance, and it can reduce stomach fat as well. Ginger is able to target the proper reasons for belly fat accumulation, including hormonal modifications, overindulging and low energy because of workout deficiency.

Ginger can help you to feel full, which meant that drinking ginger or eating ginger water can help you to suppress your appetite.

Chronic stress and hormone changes may case spikes in cortisol levels that can cause a dis-balance in the metabolism and immune system. One post in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Publication of 2004, says that ginger can reduce the production of cortisol.

Raised cortisol levels can cause weight gain, mostly making it difficult to lose the stubborn stomach fat.

Eating ginger can help to bring back the internal balance and promote weight loss and wellness. Ginger has unique and sharp and it can help you to raise your energy, mentally and physically as well.


If you want to use ginger and its healing powers for weight loss, here are few tips:

Before you eat, take a ginger root and chew on it. This will help you to manage the metabolism, reduce production of cortisol and stimulate food digestion, and it will boost your energy as well.

You can also grate a small piece of ginger and add it in lemon juice and a little bit of salt and blend them up. If you eat small quantities of this mixture before you eat your meals you can manage hunger and improve digestion.

You can also prepare ginger lemon tea because lemon may help in weight loss.

You should not limit your ginger consumption and eat it only before your meals–use ginger like a spice for cooking. Ginger can be cooked for only 6 minutes and that can boosts its amazing health benefits. It is good thing that ginger is delicious and does not need to be “masked” before eating.


Another excellent method for including ginger into your everyday life is to make an energizing and amazing ginger tea. You should drink this tea two or maybe three times daily for obtaining the most of it. It is delicious and easy to make.

Add 1 inch of fresh and grated ginger root; or you can use 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger in a glass that has capacity of 2 cups. Take 2 cups of boiled water and add it in the glass.

Leave the grated root in the water fir around 10 minutes.

In the end strain the tea and if you want add raw honey and lemon juice. Lemon and honey also have amazing health advantages which can increase the potency of this amazing tea.

From time to time you can mix or change the water with Matcha tea that can help you to burn fat even four times faster.


Ginger can help you to lose weight, reduce inflammations, stop vomiting, decrease queasiness and it may even destroy cancer cells. If you want you can make a recovery drink for detox your body and fight against different diseases illness.

Powdered, dry powdered ginger can be kept for few months if you keep it airtight glass container in a dark and cool. You can keep the fresh ginger root in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. If you want you can freeze the root to prolong its lifespan.