Nowadays, leaves have no enough time to form a heath diet, particularly to satisfy the needs of the liver.

As a result of this, people usually buy already prepared or artificial products, which contain less natural nutrients and more additives, because they are processed. Unless the products are organic, people buy fruit and vegetables full of pesticides from the market stores.

However, the use of these already prepared or artificial products has side effects on the human overall health, especially on the proper function of the liver, the most important organ in the human body, which detoxifies the body from the toxins.

According to the doctors, the liver should be detoxified regularly. With the process of detoxification, people eliminate the waste from the body, and also absorb the proteins better and enhance the synthesis of the proteins, too. Namely, the detoxification of the liver boosts up and improves the function of the liver.

To perform the detoxification process and to enhance the function of the liver, you should consume this drink. It is also important to mention that we should take care of the liver, when it comes to a healthy diet. We should consume all the necessary nutrients that are essential for the function of then liver. Therefore, if some people experience some liver problems, they will not be able to notice it, until the problem becomes very serious and harmful, so that it may be not be cured easily. In order to avoid problems with hepatitis or fatty liver, you should detoxify your liver regularly.

The following recipe has great benefits for the detoxification of the liver. It consists of several healthy ingredients, which you have at home.


You will need the following ingredients:
• Raw honey
• 1 liter of water
• Lemon juice (with grated lemon rind)
• Orange juice
• A heedful of mint leaves

Preparation method:

Firstly, boil the water and add the mint leaves. After that, leave the boiled water and the leaves to simmer for about five minutes. Leave it until it gets cold. Then, add the orange and the lemon juice, as well as the grated rind. For better taste, you can add raw honey.

This recipe is beneficial for the detoxification of the liver. For better result, you should consume it cold or hot on a daily basis.