Gray hairs are the first sign of getting old and most of the women are doing everything they can in order to cover them. There is vast number of hair products and dyes which supposedly cover the gray hairs but the effects are temporary and often accompanied with a lot of side effects as well.

First of all you should be aware that premature hair graying is usually due to poor diets and various health issues. It is an esthetic problem usually triggered by smoking, stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance, chronic colds, thyroid disorders, sinusitis and using harmful hair products. Also, it can appear if the amounts of melanin in the body are pretty low.

So, instead of relying on harsh products which damage your hair you can turn to natural alternatives. The most crucial thing is to implement nutritious and healthy foods in your daily diet. In addition, you can also try the remedy we are going to present you in the text below. It is based on mighty and available ingredients.

Mixture of lemon and Coconut Oil


• Three teaspoons of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
• Organic coconut oil (the amount of the oil depends on the length of the hair)


Mix these two ingredients until the mixture becomes homogeneous. The next step is to apply this powerful mixture on your hair and massage your scalp. Let it stay for one hour. Then, rinse it off with milder shampoo. You should practice this treatment once a week.

The benefits of this remedy

The ingredients in this homemade remedy are extremely beneficial and versatile. Coconut oil has anti-microbial properties and it contains fatty acids and lauric acid which improve your hair condition. Moreover, this amazing oil acts like a conditioner since it strengthens the hair and promotes its growth.

It brings back the natural color of the gray hair and helps it to recover from the harmful products. If you suffer from dandruff you can get rid of it by using this mixture regularly. It will certainly make your hair soft and smooth.

Lemon juice prevents the premature graying due to its mighty compounds. It is rich in vitamins C, B and phosphorus. It nourishes your hair and treats the main causes of its graying.