The next 14 tricks are important for keeping your house clean and all of them are simple and easy. Every one of them is effective and it works.

1. The Microwave

For cleaning the microwave you should rub a little bit of soap on a wet sponge and make foam. Place the sponge in the microwave and turn the microwave on for 30 seconds. Leave the door and wipe the microwave inside and this way the cleaning of your microwave will be easier and the unpleasant smells will be gone.

2. Mattresses

As time goes by, mattresses get dirty. In order to be as clean as new, you just have to add a little bit of baking soda, leave it for a few hours and vacuum the mattress. All unpleasant smells will be gone and the dirt will disappear.

3. Cutting board

The combination of salt and lime is used to clean the cutting board. Add salt on the cutting board and rub he board with lemon. Afterwards, wash the cutting board with warm water.

4. Toaster

You can use a toothbrush to clean the toaster.

5. Faucet

Clean the faucet using a greased paper and there would be no stains.

6. Iron

Place a paper on the ironing board and cover it with salt. The heat should be on max and there should be no water in the iron. The function for steaming should be off as well. Slowly press the iron on the paper and this will do wonders.

7. Dining set

Take a chalk and wrap it in gauze. Place it where you keep the dining set.

8. Clothes

You will remove the greasy parts from your clothes by rubbing them with chalk. In a few hours the chalk will remove the grease complexly. It is most efficient when used for fresh stains.

9. Venetian Blinds

Cleaning them is hard and difficult. Not many people know that they can use an old sock for cleaning them with almost no effort.

10. Pots and pan

Using salt is the most common type of cleaning pots and pans. The salt will remove the hard stains leave the salt in the pot or pan and afterwards you can wash them.

11. Carpets

Mix vinegar and water in a bottle (1: 2). Spray the carpet wit this mixture and cover them with awet towel. Use your iron and turn on the steam function and do that for 30 seconds.

12. Basin

Clean it using baking soda and old toothbrush and afterwards add few lemon slices and flush the water in order to clean the basin completely.

13. Windows

Clean your windows like you normally would, but rub them with newspaper. This method will help you to eliminate all stains and the windows will be shiny.

14. Unpleasant smells

Take one teaspoon of vanilla extract and add it in the bowl and afterwards heat the bowl in the oven. Your house will smell amazing and the unpleasant smells will be gone.