Maybe this treatment does not seem very beneficial, but Dr. Sergey Bubnovski, an expert of kinesiotherapy, claims that:

The well-known and recognized expert of kinesiotherapy from Moscow announced that the key for high immune system is very easy and everybody can do it.

– All you have to do is to keep your feet in cold water every day when you come back home from work.

It will relax your feet after the tiring workday and will enhance your immune system. He emphasizes that it is very important to use cold water. Only cold, neither hot nor warm.

– When you come back home, fill the washbowl with cold water and soak your feet in it for about 15 minutes.

After that, dry you feet and put on cotton socks. Enjoy in the warmth, and make sure you repeat this every night in order to enhance your immune system.

– This treatment is very beneficial is you have cold

In cases like this, you should repeat the treatment several times, not once a day. You cold will disappear very soon and you will recover.

– Dr. Sergey claims that you do not have to be worried about the cold water if you have cold.

According to him, this treatment is very beneficial and has no side effects on the overall health.