Laurel is considered to be a beneficial spice that is found in every household. However, most people are not aware that its leaves are also very beneficial and can be added in various types of food.

The laurel leaves has been used in the preparation of medicinal oil for years, which has numerous benefits on the overall human health.

Here are some of the benefits of laurel leaves:

• It relaxes the nervous system
• It boosts up the immune system
• It cleanses the colon
• It increases and enhances the sweating.
• It treats varicose veins and joint pain.
• It stimulates mental activity.

Here is how to prepare the laurel leaf oil:

– You will need the following ingredients:

• 250 ml olive oil
• 30 g. of bay leaves

– Preparation method:

First, mash the leaves and apply olive oil on them. Put the mixture in a glass bottle and leave it on cool and dark place for 14 days. In a while, shake the bottle. Strain the after 2 weeks, and put it in another bottle. Keep it on a cold place.

Here are some benefits of the laurel oil:

1. Heat the laurel oil and apply it one the affected areas to treat joint pain.
2. Use it for migraine and ear pain.
3. Massage the laurel oil on the temples to treat headaches. It also reduces body temperature, so you can use laurel oil instead of aspirin.
4. It boosts up the appetite.
5. It also eliminates intestines and stomach pain.
6. It regulates hepatic and renal function.
7. It can be used as a face lotion, to treat skin problems.
8. It also can be used as a face lotion for face scars and acne.