According to data, more than 1 million people in the US had colorectal cancer in 2013. Colorectal cancer is a complicated cancer, which is difficult to treat. It can also lead to many other complications.

Fortunately, there is a natural way to protect yourself and to defeat colon cancer. Jackfruit, which grows in the tropical areas, is a very beneficial fruit. In South East Asia it is even used in cooking recipes.

This fruit possesses anti-cancer properties. In this article, you can learn how to prevent and defeat this dangerous cancer type.

Colon cancer – prevention

Jackfruit is very beneficial. The anti-cancer properties of this fruit come from saponins, isoflavones, lignans and phytonutrients in it.

All of these nutrients destroy the free radicals in the body, which can cause cancer, as well other chronic and difficult illnesses.


The phytonutrients attack the cancer cells in their initial phase of formation. Jackfruit is very beneficial if you already have stomach ulcers.

The only natural source of phytonutrients is plant-based products. According to experts, there are thousands of phytonutrients and they are very beneficial for the human body.

Nowadays, more and more studies and carried out in order to understand how the phytonutrients in jackfruit destroy cancer cells.


Saponins are also effective against cancer. According to research, saponins are effective way to prevent cancer.

Some studies with saponins showed that they can be effective against leukemia cells. The cancer patients even went into remission.

Saponins affect the outer parts of the carcinogenic cells. They bond the cells together and they cannot spread further.
Isoflavones and lignans

According to studies, these phytonutrients lower the chances of endometrial cancer.

In one study carried out on 500 women, the group which consumed high levels of lignans and isoflavones from jackfruit had lower chances of developing cancer.

Protects the cellular DNA

Jackfruit is loaded with antioxidants. They protect the cellular DNA from damage caused by free oxygen radicals.

They also protect the cells from mutation. The anti-cancer properties are not the only beneficial properties of jackfruit.

This fruit also contains high levels of fiber. Its form is sticky and unique. The high presences of fiber and its form also make it an excellent aid for colon cleansing. The fruit can effectively cleanse the digestive system from toxins and this reduces the chances of colon cancer development even more.

Boost for the immune system

Vitamin C and some sugars in jackfruit will help you to boost the function and strength of the immune system.

In one study, carried out on mice, where the effects of jackfruit on the immune system were analyzed, the polysaccharides in the fruit improved the function of the phagocytic cells, cells in the immune system.

Jackfruit’s nutritional value

Start consuming this fruit if you want to improve the function of your digestive tract and protect yourself from colon cancer.

Here is why you should increase the intake of jackfruit:

• 1 cup of jackfruit contains only 4 calories, which come from fat.
• The fruit contains almost no sodium, cholesterol and saturated fats.
• It contains high levels of riboflavin, vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin A, folate and niacin.
• The essential minerals found in jackfruit are: phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc, calcium and manganese.
• It contains simple sugars, which are beneficial.
• 1 cup of the fruit will satisfy the daily need of fiber.

Jackfruit is even found in medicines in China, which is meant for eliminating the effects of drinking.