All gardeners worry about their trees and plants since they can be easily attacked by pesky rabbits, deer and herbivores.

However, there is a solution for this problem and that is the Irish Spring soap. It is highly effective repellent for your plants.

This soap has a pleasant scent which is mighty deterrent for some mammals, such as deer and rabbits. Also, the soap is rainproof and it will not turn into suds when it rains.

Most of the commercial repellents are very expensive and they have to be applied after rain or heavy dew. However, the Irish Spring soap is better choice since 12 bars of it cost $13.

Here is how you should use it:

Cut the bars of the soap into small pieces and put them into cheesecloth or drawstring pouches. In order to secure the pouch, draw the strings tightly and use a staple gun to attach them to wooden stakes.

Next, put the stakes in the ground in about 5-10 foot increments around the outer edge of your garden. Note that you should put more stakes around the heavy-traffic zone. Moreover you can also sprinkle few smaller chunks on the ground.

To find out the cause of the damage you should inspect the leaves. If their edges are half-eaten then they have probably been victims to insects. Since mammals usually leave a clean cut and devour an entire leaf.

If the damage is caused by insects then the Irish Spring soap will not help you. However, if you deal with mammals then watch the video below for further information.