Aging is an ineludible process in the human life. We are aware that with the process of aging people begin gradually to lose their eyesight, their hair, the melanin, or even start to feel pain in the joint, etc. This mainly comes with the process of aging itself, which cannot be avoided, as well.

When it comes to this article, we are going to give you some advice on how to improve your eyesight, or even to prevent losing it. The length and the forms of the eyeballs as well as the thickness of the eye lens have an influence on your capability to see from distance or from nearby. The retina that is situated at the back of the eye consists of light-sensitive cells that are crucial for good eyesight.

The article also is going to present you what the BBC has announced:

‘Zeaxanthin and Lutein are contained in the green vegetables, like spinach or kale, corn, saffron and bell peppers. Meso-zeaxanthin is usually not contained in the plants – it is believed that it is created in the human body out of the lutein, even though it is found in some kind of fish. To add, lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin, when we eat them, are very important for good eyesight as well as for keeping the macula healthy’.

That is why it is important to consume zeaxanthin and lutein. Namely, they are considered as ingredients that are very beneficial for good vision.

Mosley wrote that the results of his eye tests were both pessimistic and delightful. Namely, his was not able to completely detect the colors of yellow and blue – which according to Professor J. Barbur was a result of having diabetes years before. His night vision as well as his perception of items was also very poor compared to the young people at his age. Then, the ‘Trust Me Team’ gave him supplement pills for about 90 days, which were thought to improve his eyesight.

Consuming lutein and zeaxanthin for about three months will help you to improve the eyesight. In addition, it is believed that you should consume about 10 mg of lutein a day and 2 mg of zeaxanthin a day. It will help you to get your normal vision back and to prevent any additional problems with the eyesight.

Mosley asked if we should all take supplements in order to protect the eyesight. However, the research has already proven that the supplements are very efficient. They were efficient, even for him, who has very healthy diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables, and whose blood levels were not quite low, the supplements were efficient.

Nevertheless, some researchers think that if we consume the right things, the diet will be enough to improve the eyesight.

These nutrients con be consumed by eating lots of leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, which are abundant in them.

A study was made recently, and the article is going to show you the exact results of it:
Mostly, all of the leafy vegetables, which were previously mentioned to be rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, consist of 15 – 47 % of lutein, but a very low level (0 – 3 %) of zeaxanthin. The consumption of egg yolk is also recommended, because it consists of these nutrients. It will also be helpful for improving the eyesight. The free-range eggs, from pastured hen have a slight, orange yolk, which means that they have increased levels of lutein and zeaxanthin. However, the pale, yellow yolks are usually from caged hens that are fed with no natural diet, and thus they have smaller amounts of these nutrients.

Here are some foods that are rich in lutein, and we are going to show you how much you should consume them:

1. Kale (raw) – 26.5 mg / a cup
2. Kale (cooked) – 23.7 mg / a cup
3. Spinach (cooked) – 20.4 mg / a cup
4. Collards (cooked) – 14.6 mg / a cup
5. Turnip greens (cooked) – 12.2 mg / a cup
6. Spinach (raw) – 3.7 mg / a cup
7. Green peas (cooked) – 4.1 mg / a cup
8. Corn (cooked) – 1.5 mg / a cup
9. Broccoli (raw) – 1.3 mg / a cup
10. Romaine lettuce (raw) – 1.1 mg / a cup
11. Green beans (cooked) – 0.9 mg / a cup
12. Broccoli (cooked) – 0.8 mg / ½ cup
13. Papaya (raw) – 0.3 mg / a large cup
14. Egg – 0.2 mg / a large cup
15. Orange (Raw) – 0.2 mg / a large cup

Based on the latest results, the increased consumption of Vitamin C has been proved to efficiently prevent the cataracts that are the most frequent causes for losing the vision. So, you should consume citric fruits, such as limes, oranges and lemons, which will help you to increase the levels of Vitamin C.

Acerola cherries are especially recommended. One cherry has one calorie, but 80 mg of Vitamin C and numerous nutrients.

When it comes to diabetics and blindness, it is recommended to consume omega 3 fats, which are mostly found in the fish. For preventing blindness, fish is also highly recommended. Moreover, it prevents the development of other diseases, which can be beneficial for the overall health.

Marine sources, which are rich in omega 3 fats, but low in environmental pollutants, are:

• Krill oil
• Fish roe
• Cold-water fish, such as: sardines, herring and anchovies
• Wild Alaskan Salmon – it is rich in astaxanthin, which is very beneficial for protection of the eyesight (see below).

Blueberry is also recommended, because its ingredients are necessary for good vision.

People, who have done the study, claimed that:

‘When you are searching for a blueberry eye supplement, take the supplement that has 10 – 20 mg of lutein and 1 – 2 mg of zeaxanthin. Patients should take 80 – 160 mg a day. However, people, who just want to protect their eye cells or to prevent eye diseases, should take 40 – 80 mg per day combined with some fruit mixtures or other antioxidant vitamins, like raspberry, blueberry or bilberry. For protecting the eyesight, the consumption of fruit and vegetables is also highly recommended’.

In order to prevent any harm to the docosaxexaenoic acid, or DHA – an important animal based omega-3 fat, of the retinal pigmented epithelium, or RPE, that is able to transform the photons from the sunlight in electrons through the photoelectrical effects, for which Einstein received a Nobel Prize in 1921. Namely, these electrons are responsible for the DC electric current, which is necessary for the functioning of the human body.

You should have a healthy diet and to do exercises regularly. It will be very beneficial for the overall health, not only for good eyesight.