Provided that we make efforts to take care of ourselves and lead healthy lives, there is a chance that our bodies will serve us good for a long time. The human body is truly amazing.

You may be surprised about what your body can do after you read these 50 amazing facts about our body:

The Brain

Incredibly complex and not fully understood, our brain is the organ that makes everything function properly. You can keep the body alive, but without the brain, it cannot be said that a person lives. These are some incredible facts about our brain.

  1. Your brain doesn’t feel any pain: Although the brain has pain signals, it doesn’t actually feel any
  2. The brain has enormous oxygen needs: The brain needs 20% of the calories and oxygen that your body requires — although the brain is just 2% of the entire body weight.
  3. Eighty percent of your brain is composed of water: Instead of being comparatively solid, the brain is 80 percent So it means that it’s important to stay hydratedif you want a healthy mind.
  4. The brain enjoys playing at night: You would think that the brain is much more active throughout the day, while the rest of the body is active as well. But it’s not. The brain is much more active while you sleep.
  5. The brain works on ten watts: This is true: The incredible computational power of the brain needs only around 10 watts so it can operate.
  6. A greater IQ means more dreams: If you are smarter you’ll dream more often. Also highQ. can fight against mental illnesses. There are even people who believe that they are smarter when they are in the dreams than in real life.
  7. Your brain changes its shape during puberty: The teenage years do much more than changing your mood and feelings; the structure of the brain alters during your teen years, and it affects risky and impulsive behavior.
  8. The brain may store everything: In fact, the brain can keep everything you hear, experience, read or see. But, the real problem is recalling — whether you have access to such
  9. The information in the brain travel with different speeds: The neurons in the brain are differently built, so information travels through them with different speeds. That’s why you can sometimes recall information right away, but sometimes you need to think longer.

The Senses

You may be surprised with the incredible things the various senses can do.

  1. Your have a unique smell: The body smell is unique for every person — except if you have identical twin. Even the babies can recognize the unique smells of their moms.
  2. People use echolocation: People can use the sound to sense objects that are near them with echolocation. It’s considered that blind people develop such ability for greater
  3. The adrenaline hormone can give you super strengths: Yes, with the appropriate response in specific situations, you can really lift a vehicle.
  4. Women have better sense of smell than men: It was proven that women are much better at identifying smells compared to men.
  5. The nose can remember 50,000 smells: It’s possible for the nose to be able to remember and identify over 50,000 scents.
  6. The sense of hearing decreases if you have overeaten: When you consume excessive food, it can actually reduce the ability to hear. Thus, consider consuming healthy food— but just until you are satiated.
  7. The sense of time is in the head: How we experience the time is associated with our Some scientist speculate that stress can make you experience dilation of time. It seems that manipulation with timeis not for superheroes only.


How the humans reproduce as species provides various interesting and incredible  facts. These are some of the strangest things you probably didn’t know.

  1. The teeth start growing before you were born: Although we can notice teeth a few months after a baby is born, the teeth begin growing about 6 months before they were born.
  2. Infants are much stronger than the oxen: That is on a pound for pound basis. For the size they are, infants are quite strong and
  3. Babies are always born with blue eyes: Ultraviolet light exposure and melanin are required to bring out the true eye color of the Until then, all babies are blue-eyed.
  4. Women may be intrinsically bisexual: A few studies about sex suggest that women may be intrinsically bisexual, whether they consider themselves as such or not, while men usually are either straight or
  5. Most men have regular morning erection: Every one hour, men who sleep have an erection— although they may not know
  6. Sex can alleviate pain: Although the excuses that involve “headaches” are often used in order to avoid having sex, in fact intercourse can alleviate pain. Also, sex can reduce you levels of stress.
  7. Chocolate is much better than having sex: Some studies suggest that women prefer chocolate over But can it really lead to orgasm? Probably not, at least not by itself.

Bodily Functions

The things the body can do are usually strange and can sometimes be gross. There are a couple of strange facts about the way our body functions.

  1. Earwax is a necessary thing: If you want to maintain the health of your ears, you should have earwax in there.
  2. The feet produce about 500 mililiters of sweat daily: There are about 500,000 (or 250,000 for every foot) sweat glands in the feet, and this means a lot of sweat.
  3. During your lifetime, the amount of saliva can fill 2 swimming pools: Because saliva is an essential part of the process of digestion, it’s no surprise your mouth produces such great amounts of saliva.
  4. Full bladder is approximately the same size as a soft ball: When the bladder is full, keeping about eight hundred cc of fluids, it’s so large it can be seen.
  5. You pass gas approximately fourteen times a day: You’ll expel gasa couple of times as a part of the process of
  6. The sneeze can go beyond one hundred mph: When the sneeze leaves the body, it leaves at really high speeds— so avoid suppressing the sneezes because this damages the body.
  7. Coughs can leave at sixty mph: Coughs are less dangerous then sneezing, and it leaves the body at sixty mph. But this is still really fast.

The musculoskeletal system

Discover something you probably didn’t know about the bones and muscles.

  1. Bones can destroy themselves: It’s possible your bones to self-destruct if you don’t consume enough calcium.
  2. People are taller in the mornings: During the day, your cartilage locatedbetween the bones is compressed, which makes you approximately one centimeter shorter by the end of the day.
  3. One fourth of the bones are in the feet: Each foot has 26 bones, which means that these 52 bones account for 25% of the body’s total of 206 bones.
  4. You activate more muscles when you frown than when you smile: Scientists don’t agree on precise number, however you need more muscles to frown compared to smiling.
  5. You use 200 muscles when you make one step: Walking requires a lot of musclepower — particularly if you make those 10,000 steps.
  6. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body: When it’s compared to the size of other muscles, your tongue is the strongest one.However you probably won’t lift weights with your tongue.
  7. Bones can sometimes be stronger than steel: Again, this comparison is pounds for pounds, because steel is much denser and has greater tensile power.

Unnecessary Parts of the body

People have a couple of body parts that are, in fact, useless. These are a few facts associated with the body parts we don’t really need.

  1. Coccyx: This last segment of the vertebrae doesn’t have a purpose now, even though some scientists think that it is what was left from the mammal tails that people used to have. It may be useless now, but if you break the tailbone, it will still be pretty
  2. The pinkie toe: Some scientists speculate that because we don’t need to run for the dinner no more, and we wear shoes, the evolutionary aim of the pinkie is gradually disappearing — so maybe this toe will have the same destiny as the dodo.
  3. The wisdom teeth: The 3rd set of molar teeth is pretty useless, doing nothing more than crowding your mouth and causing pain.
  4. The vomeronasal organ: We have very tiny (and also useless) chemoreceptors that arelining the inside of your
  5. Most of your body hair: And while the facial hair has some purpose, the hair on the rest of your body is virtually useless and it can be eliminated with few bad
  6. The female ductus deferens: A group of tubules that lead to nowhere located near thefemale ovaries are what was left of something that could have become sperm ducts.
  7. The male uterus: Yes, men have uterus too — well, kind The remaining parts of this undeveloped reproductive organ is located on the side of the prostate.
  8. The appendix: Yes, the appendix is virtually And although it produces white blood cells, the majority of people are okay with appendectomy.

Other Strange Facts about the Body

These are some more final strange facts regarding our body.

  1. The head produces inner noises: It is rare, but there is such thing as an exploding head syndrome.
  2. The memory is affected from the position of the body: Where you are in the environment can trigger the memory.
  3. People can’t tickle themselves: Just go ahead and tickle yourself and see.
  4. Right-handed people live longer: If you are a right-handed person, you can live 9 years longer than the lefties.
  5. Only the humans cry emotional tears: All other animals that produce tearsdo this for some physiological reason.