What are the nutrients or foods which you think are the most beneficial for the health and for achieving your nutritious goals?

You should think about the fact that the human brain is comprised of approximately 70% water, our body is made of 70% water, which means that water is extremely important and it has to enter in our body regularly. When you wake up in the morning your will be hydrated – approximately 2 cups.

Your present daily protocol is not so important and you can change it if you do one simple thing that will help you to reduce cravings, focus and boost your energy levels. We are sure that you already know this ingredient. When you wake up the first thing you should do is drink two cups of filtered alkaline water instead of coffee.

If you already woke up dehydrated, it means that you should not begin the day with a coffee, because it is a diuretic and you will additionally dehydrate the body. That is why you should start with drinking fresh water and afterwards do everything you want.

You have to know that tap water is really just a combination of chlorine, antibiotics and different metals, and drinking this type of water is just like you’ve consumed all these dangerous substances.

If you consume impure water, you are at risk to weaken the immune system and to develop different diseases because of the immune system. You won’t ever know if the public water source is contaminated and if you drink it, it means that you are at risk of taking in all these dangerous substances.

We are sure that you know that the most important factor for having healthy body is to have an alkaline balanced body. If you body is very acidic, you will have low energy, fatigue, weight gain, digestive problems and different similar problems, which you can avoid at the first place if you consume pure and fresh water and if you eat organic vegetables that have good acid or alkaline balance.

You should always use system for filtration of alkaline water. All these systems can range from 1-3 k and they are very expensive. However, you may find personal alkaline wands for around $30 in all health grocery stores.

However, if there is a spring near the place you live it is the perfect option. Just drink it cold, directly from the spring.

These are the 5 biggest health benefits of drinking alkaline water:


It is important to get rid of all accumulated waste and from the toxins in the body from the prescription drugs, environment, and unnatural foods and from all “normal” process of aging. Acid wastes, which are collected in your body, can cause different health conditions. If you drink alkaline water regularly you can neutralize the acidity which builds up in your body and wash all acid waste products from tissues and cells.


Hydration is very important for the body: it is a basic rule for maintaining or gaining optimum health. During the process of ionization, the alkaline water filter will form in your water into micro clusters which are easily absorbed at a cellular level and they are “extremely-hydrating” the body. Alkaline Water contains a lot of alkaline minerals including magnesium and calcium and it is very energizing and hydrating because of the electrolysis filtering. The ionized alkaline water is ionized and filtered, without any harmful contaminants and what is left are only vital minerals.


Higher alkaline pH water will act like an antioxidant and it will neutralize all harmful free radicals. Alkaline water can give up electrons, and it can efficiently block and neutralize any free-radical damage to the body.
Ionized alkaline water will destroy free radicals and it will convert them into oxygen that the body will use for production of energy and oxygenation of the tissues. Cancer and other illnesses are not able to live in an environment that is oxygenated and alkaline.


Highly alkaline water can help your body to balance the pH that can be acidic due to the high acid food diet, exposure to different toxins and stress. You can alkalize the pH of your body from acidic to alkaline pH, since cancer and many other diseases are not able to survive in alkaline environments, which is normal environment for healthy people. If you bring back the pH balance of your body you will boost your energy and overall wellness and health.


Boost the immune system and you will maximize the ability of the body to fight against diseases.
If there is a pH imbalance (because of highly acidic diets that we usually eat) there can be suffocation of the body’s cells. If this happens, all those cells will die in the end. As a result, all systems which support the immune system will be weak by the functioning and suffocation of the immune system.

If you drink high pH ionized alkaline water, your body can make normal pH levels and it will increase the effectiveness of the immune system and the body will be able to fight and prevent diseases.

Recipe for Alkaline water:

• 64 ounces of clean and filtered water
• 1 teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt
• 1 organic lemon, thoroughly washed and cut


Take a pitcher and add the water and the lemon wedges (you should not squeeze the lemon). Add the salt, cover the pitcher and leave it to sit for 8 to 12 hours or overnight at a room temperature.