You have probably heard about the Himalayan salt lamps, but having them at home means that you will continuously have a source of health, positive energy and clean, fresh air.

Matter consists of molecules, made up of atoms. Atoms are composed of three types of particles: neutron (neutral), protons (positive) and electrons (negative).

Electrons orbit around the molecules just like the planets revolve around the star. Still, sometimes the electrons fly off and leave behind a positively-charged ion.

The aim of such ion is to fill in the void that was left by the lost electron, so it tries to steal one electron from other molecule so it could replace it. Some things lose electrons easier than the others, because of their different structure.

These are the amazing health benefits of the Himalayan salt lamps:

1. Neutralize the Electromagnetic Radiation

We are continually surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from all those technological devices around us, such as computers, television, cell phones, stereo, appliances etc.

Although it’s invisible, electromagnetic exposure can cause severe side-effects, including increased levels of stress, chronic fatigue, weakened response of your immune system, etc.

Such lamps emit negative ions in the air and neutralize electromagnetic radiation. So, you should put one lamp near your computer, television or other electronic device.

2. Reduce the Static Electricity from the Air

Static electricity causes frustration, embarrassment and stress and also spoils your hair style, because of the difficulties for cleaning the crumbs on the floor, and numerous other issues. But, these lamps can neutralize the static electricity because they neutralize the ionized particles which cause it.

3. Deodorize and Cleanse the Air

Himalayan salt lamps are great for removing pollen, cigarette smoke, dust and contaminants. They can do hygroscopy and clear the air because they attract the water molecules from the environment, and absorb these molecules in the salt crystal. They are warmed up by the heat of the light bulb and the water then evaporates back in the air so the trapped particles stai in the salt.

4. Treat the Seasonal Affective Disorder

The natural light provided by the Himalayan salt lamps creates negative ions that improve the mood and boost the energy levels and looks like the warm sunshine glow which can effeciently treat the Seasonal Affective Disorder.

5. Treats Allergies and their symptoms

These salt lamps remove microscopic particles of mildew, dust, mold and pet dander so having it in your room can help prevent symptoms of allergy. After a couple of weeks, asthma patients report significant improvements.

6. Improved Sleep

Excessive exposure to positive ions from the air decreases the quality of sleep. Particles with positive charge can reduce the blood and oxygen supply to your brain and cause irregular sleeping patterns.

Still, because these lamps naturally create negative ions, they can reverse this problem and improve the quality of the air in your bedroom which will provide good night’s sleep. You can keep the lamp on throughout the day and turn the lamp off at night if the light bothers you.

7. Alleviates Coughing

Once the lamp heats up and begins the hygroscopic cycling of the airborne particles, it changes the charge of the molecules.

One disadvantage of the positive ions is that cilia (the microscopic hairs) lining our trachea (windpipe) become sluggish and can’t function appropriately to protect your lungs from harmful contaminants.

Himalayan pink salt lamps absorb water and particles from the air and absorb their positive ions.

Once the heated water releases the pure water in the air, it removes the negative ions that support cilial activity and keep your lungs protected and clean. So, the lamps also help your body to filter the air better and prevent the contaminants from entering in your lungs.

8. Improve Concentration and Mood

The lamps improve the mood and can make you relax. Furthermore, they enhance the concentration, since negative ions improve the oxygen and blood supply to your brain and other organs. They also also boost serotonin release, which promotes happy feelings.

9. Environmentally-Friendly Lighting

Himalayan salt lamps are also environmentally friendly. The base consists of a sustainable wood like the neem, and the bulb has low wattage that consumes little energy.

Furthermore, experts estimate that Himalayan pink salt reserves measure from about 80 to 600 million tons, which will be enough for the next couple of years with the current rate of extraction.

10. Increased levels of energy

We all consider the walks and trips in nature energizing, and it’s not a coincidence. The concentration of negative ions in nature is greater, just like the ones created by the lamps.

Put a Himalayan salt lamp your room and you will see the difference in one week.

Selecting and using Himalayan Salt Lamp

The lamp coverage is determined from the size of the crystal, which means that the larger the lamp is, the bigger the area in which it needs to be placed.

You can calculate that one lb. of HPS crystal will clear the air in a 4′ x 4′ room. Still, you can have more lamps in your room or spread them throughout your house.

Buy suitably-sized lamps for areas where you spend the most time and purchase larger ones for rooms with many electrical devices. We recommend finishing the collection by adding lamps in the rarely-used spaces.

The first effects should be noticed in one week, since he generation of negative ions will need a week time to become noticeable.

Himalayan salt crystals will begin melting with longer exposure to high humidity, so we advise keeping a close watch on lamps placed near the sources of steam such as laundry machines, showers and dishwashers.