The American Heart and Stroke Association claims that the main reasons that lead to death all over the world are the heart diseases and attacks. Most of the people experience heart attacks for the first time or for some period in their lives. The main reasons for a heart stroke are the following:

• The obstruction of a coronary artery
• Insufficient supply of blood

Every year, more than 700.000 suffer from heart attack and more than 100.000 people pass away. Even though the recent data has shown that the number of cardiovascular diseases is very high, there are numerous factors which a person can notice a month before experience a heart stoke. It may save his / her life.

Here are listed 8 main symptoms, which a person may experience a month before suffering from heart stokes if realized in time.

1. A month before experiencing a heart stoke, the unusual weakness of the human body may be the main factor, which is a result of the poor circulation and blood flow. When the arteries began to narrow, the weakened muscles are the main factor that indicates a heart attack in its earliest stages.

2. As a result of the poor flow of blood, dizziness may also occur. It also represents a main factor that should be taken seriously. As a result of the improper circulation of blood to the brain, unpleasant dizziness may occur.

3. Except dizziness, another main factor that indicates a heart attack is experiencing cold sweat. With inadequate flow of blood, the human body may feel cold, chilly, and not well.

4. If you are suffering from pain in the chest, or even pain in some areas of the body, like the shoulders, the arms or the back, you should consult your doctor immediately. Pain and tightness in the chest are the main factors which may prevent experiencing a heart stoke, if acknowledged in time.

5. Flu or common cold are also other symbols which can be noticed a month before experiencing a heart stroke. It is very serious factor that should be taken into careful consideration.

6. Except the weakness if the human body, permanent fatigue is another factor which may indicate that you body has no sufficient supply of blood. In cases like this, the human body suffers from uneasiness of overexertion as a result of the fact that the body works harder in order to enable sufficient flow of blood.

7. Another factor which may indicate a heart stoke is the shortness of breath. As well as the other muscles in the human body which need oxygen and sufficient flow of blood, the lung is the same. When the heart is under stress, the lungs become affected and difficult breathing is manifested.

8. Other symptoms which may indicate a heart attack are nausea, pain in the abdomen, or heartburn.

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