These days a lot of things are coconut based, such as:
• Coconut flour
• Coconut butter
• Coconut milk and cream
• Coconut oil
• Coconut shreds
Coconut water
• and even coconut soya sauce

Coconut (C. nucifera) is part of the Arecaceae (Palmae) family and also of the subfamily Cocoideae. Its flesh contains a lot of health fatty acids and the fat composition can be different, which depends on the processing and type of the oil.

The coconut oil is comprised of 90% of medium-chain saturated fatty acids make up approximately 90% of coconut oil with a small contribution of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

What is so great about medium chain fatty acids?

They can be easily absorbed, digested and utilized by our body. At the same time the freely cross the blood-brain barrier in the unbound form that means our brain can use it like energy source and use it for neurological health as well.

Additionally virgin coconut oil is readily available, affordable, completely natural and delicious. Additionally, it is:

• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-carcinogenic (stops the spread of cancer cells and boosts the immune system)
• Fights against infections / Anti-microbial (yeast, protozoa, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites)
• An antioxidant (protects against formation or free radicals and their formation)
• Improves the nutrients absorption

Use Coconut Oil for your body and Personal Hygiene

1. Age Spots (that are also known as liver spots) – you can apply coconut oil directly on the age spot that will make them fade.

2. Baldness – mix coconut oil with rosemary, lavender, grapeseed oil, castor oil, thyme, cedarwood, Jojoba oil and a little bit of cayenne pepper. Apply the mixture 3 times in a day (or before you got to bed) onto the affected area of hair loss and massage it in. This amazing combination can support the cell regeneration.

3. Body Scrub – combine coconut oil and salt and rub it all over your body! Afterwards rinse it off and your skin will be soft. If you want you can add essential oils of your choice and get amazing smell.

4. Bruises – if you apply it directly onto your bruise, the healing process will be enhanced and the redness and swelling will be reduced.

5. Bug Bites – if you apply it directly onto the bug bite, the burning sensation and itching will be reduced.

6. Burns – apply coconut oil on the burn area and you should continue with application until it is completely healed.

It is going to reduce the chances of constant scarring and it also promotes healing.

7. Chap stick – take a little bit of coconut oil and rub it on your lips. It will act like a softening agent and it has SPF of around 4, which means that you will get protection as well.

8. Cradle Cap – do you have problems with dry skin on your child’s head? Coconut oil is going to nourish its skin and it is going to eliminate the cradle cap. Take one teaspoon and rub it on its scalp every day.

9. Dandruff – if you massage coconut oil onto your scalp you will moisturize the dry skin and reduce dandruff symptoms. It will control the oil secretion from your scalp, which is another cause for dandruff appearance.

10. Deodorant – you can use coconut oil like deodorant, but it is even more efficient if you combine it with baking soda and cornstarch/arrowroot powder.

11. Eye cream – apply coconut oil under your eyes in order to reduce bags, puffiness and wrinkles. In the evening you can use it on your lids as well.

12. Face Wash/ Soap – combine equal parts of olive oil and coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil and avocado oil and use it like soap for washing your soap. On wet face, rub the oil and let it to act for 2 minutes. Wash your face and pat it dry. You will need one teaspoon.

13. Deep Treatment / Hair conditioner – use apply one teaspoon of coconut oil on the ends of your hair and with your finger run through your hair. If you want to make a deeper treatment, rub one tablespoon of coconut oil on your dry scalp and go towards the ends. Take a shower cap, cover the hair and let it to act overnight.

14. Hair Gel/ Defrizzer – take a little bit of coconut oil on your palms and if you have curly hair scrunch the oil into the hair and if you have straight or wavy hair comb it in through from the scalp to the ends.

15. Healing – if you apply coconut oil on scrapes and cuts, there will be a thin and chemical layer which the will protect your wound from the virus, outside dust and bacteria. It is going to speed up the healing process and it will repair all damaged tissues. It has a nice smell and it is amazing.

16. Lubricant – it is a completely natural and perfectly safe lubricant for sex and masturbation. It is not compatible with latex!

17. Makeup Remover – take a cotton swab and a dab it on a little bit of coconut oil. It works perfectly and it is amazing.

18. Moisturizer – just take a little bit of coconut oil and apply it all over the body, such as face and neck. Usually lotions can be water-based and they can dry out the skin even more.

19. Acne Skin Fix – if you are prone to T-zone or if you have oily skin, you should use tiny bit of coconut oil al apply it before your make-up or alone in order to reduce the oil gland stimulation. In some cases acne prone skin can be extremely dry and that means your glands actually produce more oil and they will clog the pores.

20. Stretch Marks – coconut oil is amazing for nourishing damaged skin. It is not able to completely cover the stretch mark, but it can help you a lot.

21. Sun Burn Relief – take coconut oil and rub it onto the affected area.

22. Swimmers Ear – combine coconut oil and garlic oil and add couple of drops in the affected ear for around 10 minutes. Repeat this 2 to 3 times daily and in just 1 or 2 days you will feel better.

23. Tattoo Moisturizer and Healing – if you use coconut oil constantly on your tattoos you will keep the pigment from fading. If you use it on new tattoos, you will boost the healing process and reduce the chance of infection.

24. Wrinkle Reducer and Wrinkle Prevention– rub coconut oil on your sagging skin and wrinkles and the connective tissues will be strengthened and you will bring back your youthful look!
Coconut Oil for General Health and Wellness

25. Teeth and Bones– coconut oil can help you to absorb magnesium and calcium easily and to develop your teeth and bones.

26. Digestion – coconut oil contains saturated fats which can control fungi and parasites that may cause indigestion or other digestion problems including irritable bowel syndrome. Coconut oil contains fat that can help in the absorption of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

27. Fitness – it can stimulate the metabolism, boost the thyroid function and escalate the energy levels and all of them can help you to reduce the unwanted fat and at the same time can boost muscle.

28. Nausea – take coconut oil and rub it on the inside of the wrist and forearm in order to calm the upset stomach.

29. Gum Health – use coconut oil for oil pulling and experience amazing health benefits!

30. Stress Relief – reduce mental fatigue and apply coconut oil on your head using circular and massaging motion. Coconut has natural aroma which will soothe and provide you with stress relive.

31. Absorption of vitamins and nutrients – it will easier for the fat-based nutrients to be absorbed by your body.

32. Weight loss – coconut oil contains saturated fats can contribute for controlling cravings and weight loss.

32. Productivity and Mental Cognition– medium chain triglycerides can pass freely through the blood-brain barrier and they can allow an alternate source of energy which will improve cognition.

Coconut Oil for Internal Health Problems

If you use it internally it can hit is known for relieving, helping and preventing these health issues

33. Acid Reflux/ Indigestion – if you take it after you eat anything

34. Allergies – seasonal hay fever

35. Dementia / Alzheimer’s

36. Bowel function – constipation, gut infections and inflammatory bowel disease,

37. Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchial Infections

38. Cholesterol – improves the good (HDL) cholesterol

39. Flues and colds – as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent

40. Cognitive Disease and Mild Depression

41. Dry, Flaky Skin – poor oil intake can end up with dandruff and dry skin

42. Gallbladder Disease – all dietary oils can aid and boost the bile flow that can help for gallbladder issues

43. Gas – foul gas is because of imbalance in the gut bacteria. You can use coconut oil in order to re-establish the healthy gut flora

44. Hemorrhoids – can be applied internally and externally two times in a day

45. Menstruation Relief – regarding cramps/pain and heavy blood flow

46. Kidney Stones and Disease – helps in dissolving small stones

Coconut Oil and Topical Health Problems

If you apply it topically it can help with different problem such as the following:

47. Acne – usually skin which is prone to acne is very dry and that signals your glands to produce more oil and this clogs the pores.

48. Head Lice – use it topically

49. Hay Fever/Allergies– rub a little bit of coconut oil in your nostrils and get a quick relief. The pollen is going to cling to the oil.

50. Decongestant – take coconut oil and rub it on your chest and under your nose when it is congested from allergy or a cold

51. Ear infection – place a few drops of garlic and coconut oil in your ear two times in a day and get relief from the pain. It will fight against the infection itself.

52. Genital Warts – they usually go away without any remedies 2 years of the initial infection. If you apply coconut oil topically they can heal a lot quickly.

53. Gingivitis, Gum Disease and Canker Sores – use coconut oil like a toothpaste or rub it directly on your gums

54. Herpes – you can apply it topically or taken internally

55. Hives – reduces the swelling and the itch

Coconut Oil and Animals

You should check with your veterinarian, but the recommended dosage for animals is ¼ teaspoon for each 10 pounds of body weight two times in a day.

56. Healing of digestive disorders – colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome

57. Promotes healing – if you apply it topically on wounds, cuts, dry skin, hot spots, and hair, stings and bites

58. Clears up skin conditions – like flea allergies, eczema, itchy skin or contact dermatitis

59. Disinfects cuts – and helps with wound healing

60. Great for cats and dogs for general wellness – take one teaspoon and add it in their water bowl every day.

61. Improves nutrients absorption and digestion

62. Treats and prevents yeast and fungal infections

63. Improves skin health and reduces allergic reactions

Other Uses

64. Remove Chewing Gum from your Hair– you just have to rub a little bit of coconut oil over the chewing gum that was stuck, leave in for half an hour and roll the gum between the fingertips.

65. Goo Gone – combine equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil until you get a paste. Apply the paste on the “sticky” area and leave it to set for 60 seconds. Afterwards scrub it off with using an old toothbrush or with the scrubby side of a sponge.

66. Insect repellent – combine peppermint oil extract and coconut oil and rub it over your exposed skin.