Why good people endure bad things?

This is not a coincidence

People often describe the positive and the negative events that happen in their life as a pure luck or coincidence.

However, if you believe in Jesus Christ, you know that this is not reality. God is almighty and his plans are always realized. Even some wise sayings tell that the dice is thrown, but God makes all the decisions at the end.

Knowing this, we must understand that everything that happens in life has a reason behind it. Before you start being angry to God for the things that happened to you even if you were innocent or being angry because of the successful lives that your opponents have, remember that there is a reason behind every problem that you face.

• A trust test

We are all servant of God. There is no one like him. People should be fair, fear God and stay away from evil.

God tests our trust in him through the difficult tests that we face though our life. Therefore, these unpleasant and unwanted situations and tests are the trusts that God has in us. Even God had the same test.

So remember, the negative experiences in your life that you face even if you haven’t done anything bad are simply

God’s way of showing you how much he wants for you to stand next to him.

• Purification

The negative experiences also serve to clean us and our souls if we really love God. These uncomfortable experiences may be painful, but at the end we will be completely pure.

• We will be shaped according to the image of Christ

God brings good for the people who love him. The bad experiences will bring us close to Christ. All of those who believe in God will be as pure as the son of God.