Is it sometimes hard for you to wear shoes? Suddenly you feel a tickling sensation in the feet? Do rings tighten on your fingers? You may be suffering from fluid retention.

Often in days when it is really hot and humid, or if you are standing or sitting for a long time, especially if you are overweight causes swelling of the feet and legs and we find it pretty annoying to walk due to the pain caused by the swelling.

Fluid retention occurs when we consume unhealthy and salty foods, or when we are not hydrating ourselves good enough.

In order to improve the blood flow and alleviate inflammation of the legs we recommend trying this amazing home remedy that will make you feel better.

You’ll need:

– 50 grams of Aloe Vera gel
– Ten drops of lemon or Eucalyptus oil
– 5 grams of camphor crystal or menthol
– A teaspoon olive oil and vegetable glycerin
– 5 drops of camphor or mint oil


Melt the glycerin in a container together with the essential oils and once they mix togethr add the other ingredients. Remove the container from heat and let it cool down. Put the gel in a jar with lid and store it in the refrigerator.

Now it is ready for use:

Apply the mixture on your feet and legs any time you want even though it’s best to do this at night when you are done with all your activities for the day and you can relax by putting the legs in an upright position.

This will boost the circulation and decrease the inflammation.

This refreshing gel goes deep into the skin and all medicinal properties will act to relax the skin and will eliminate the fatigue and sensation of heaviness.

Eucalyptus oil relaxes the muscles and mint and camphor oil will improve your blood flow by relieving and refreshing the feet and legs.